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Lions Lose to Packers in week-12

One step forward and one step back. So goes the progress of Matthew Stafford as the Detroit Lions quarterback. A few weeks ago, he had five interceptions. A week and a half ago he had five touchdowns and only one interception. This week he had one touchdown and four interceptions en route to a 34 to 12 drubbing by the Green Bay Packers.

I believe it was in the 3rd quarter when Matthew Stafford threw his first deep ball. It was incomplete, not even real close to catchable, but that is not what matters. The point is they did not even attempt a deep throw in the first half.

Maybe Stafford was hurting more than we knew and it threw him off. That doesn't matter either. If he was too hurt to play well, he should not have been playing. If he was healthy enough to play, then the four interceptions is inexcusable. Yes he has had a couple real nice games. He has had far more horrible games.

Sure he is tough. The fans love him because he went out and played injured. This fan does not care. I would rather have a quarterback throw a consistently accurate ball than a quarterback who is tough and consistently throws behind his receivers.

Calvin Johnson is playing hurt too. It is very evident every time he struggled to get up off the ground. His injury is in his legs, something that affects him more than Stafford's non-throwing shoulder. Yet I don't hear people loving how tough Calvin Johnson is being.

As expected, the Lions defense could not stop the pass as they let Aaron Rodgers accumulate 348 yards while completing nearly 72% of his passes. As usual the Lions rarely blitzed as Rodgers had all day to make many of his throws. The long pass to Driver down the middle? Rodger must have waited nearly 4 seconds before letting that one go. People are upset with Marvin White because he got burnt by Driver on that play. Let me tell you something. If it took Driver four seconds to break free, White did his job. It was the defensive line that failed!

I would love for the television station to put a timer on the quarterbacks. Down in the bottom corner of the screen where it is out of the way. When the ball is snapped, the timer starts. When the quarterback lets go of the ball, it stops. I would love to see the average amount of time the Lions allow opposing quarterbacks before they have to throw the ball. If there is any position the Lions absolutely need to address with a real force, it is defensive line. They need players that can actually get around a block more than once a game. Seriously, wouldn't it be nice if opposing quarterbacks knew they could no longer bring a bag lunch to dig into while waiting for their receivers to find an opening? The fact the quarterbacks take a cot out on the field to take a nap before throwing the ball is bad enough. What is really embarrassing is that they have to use an alarm clock to get them up because they cant count on Lions players shaking them awake.

Next week the Lions play the Bengals. Do you think the outcome will be much different?


Lions vs Packers - Pregame Week-12

If I was a very accurate writer, but a very lazy one, I could sum this game up in one sentence. "The Packers have one of the best passing games and the Lions cant stop the worst passing games."

Then of course I would have to follow it up with my prediction of the score.
Packers - 31
Lions - 17

If Green Bay had a decent offensive line and they weren't so injury plagued, I would add another 14 to that score. Keep in mind that the Lions allowed the Browns who did not even have a touchdown pass to a receiver throw three to receivers in the first quarter. Aaron Rodgers and company is far above the Browns.

The Packers make a living off of a quick passing game. Rodgers job is not to sit back in the pocket waiting for the play to develop. He takes the snap, makes a quick read and lets it fly. They know their offensive line is one of the worst in the NFL and they off set that with their play calling.

It doesn't matter what Green Bay does, the Detroit Lions need to blitz if they even want to make this one respectable. Read these words very closely now... THE LIONS CANNOT COVER! The only way to slow down the pass when you cannot cover is to blitz and blitz a lot. If you don't blitz, you force your defense to cover for a longer time. If you blitz, you will get beat and probably quite often, but you have a chance to get to Rodgers sometimes and disrupt some plays. The Lions do not have the chance if they do not blitz.

Stafford looked good last week (from what I know since it was blacked out), he will have to be as good again. The packers defense is hurting and the Lions need to take advantage of that.

Kevin Smith is just too slow. He is the kind of back that needs to be behind a line the busts open some big holes so he can continuously gain positive yards. The Lions do not have that kind of line, though they may be able to against Green Bays injury plagued defense. If they cannot control the line of scrimmage, they need to use Aaron Brown much more often. It seems to me that in the running game, he has had as many exciting runs as Kevin Smith has on far fewer carries. Especially when they pitch it to him on the outside.

The game will be on television this Thursday after selling the game out. Enjoy it if you can, they likely will not sell another one out this season.

I am so glad I have Aaron Rodgers in my ESPN fantasy football teams. I'm expecting a big week.


Lions Win in Week-11

Yes the title is true. The Detroit Lions have actually won their second game of the season. That is two wins in one year!

Down 37 to 31, Matthew Stafford dropped back in what was expected to be the Lions last play of the game. The Browns were flagged for a pass interference in the end-zone however, giving the Lions one more play from the one yard line. Rather than trying a run play, Stafford again dropped back and sent the ball into the hands of Brandon Pettigrew for his 5th touchdown pass of the game. Jason Hanson kicked the extra point for the win. The Lions won 38 to 37.

I am almost on the verge of saying I can see Stafford being a star quarterback in the future. After a decent game in last weeks loss, I said I needed to see him show accuracy in two or three games in a row before saying he can be an accurate quarterback. For now I will hold back my decision only because this five TD game came against the only team in the NFL that is actually worse than the Lions. I will say however, that he is leaning me toward believing.

On the radio the fans seemed to be split into two groups. Some called in filled with excitement because the Lions were down 24 to 3 and still came back to win. They were excited because Stafford had a Lions rookie record of five touchdown passes. Some were excited because the Lions won a second game which is two more than they had last year and that shows improvement.

The other group complained about those fans excitement. They were upset that so many fans would be so excited when the Lions are still one of the worst five teams in the NFL.

I am not excited and I am not upset with the excitement. It is easy to feel excited after winning in a shootout high scoring game. It is exciting to come from so far behind and walk away with a victory. If it would have come against a decent team, I might actually be excited too.

It is important to remember however that the Lions barely beat a very lousy team in the Cleveland Browns. Consider the fact that the last time the Browns had a touchdown pass go to a receiver was November 12, 2008. Today, against the Lions defense, the Browns had three TD passes to wide receivers in the first quarter. Consider that the Cleveland Browns set their season high in scoring against the Lions. Consider the fact their team record was broken in less than 13 minutes of play. Consider the fact that before this game, Brady Quinn had only 1 touchdown and 5 interceptions and a low 51.0 QB rating. Against the Lions he had 4 TD's and no picks for a 133.1 rating.

It is nice to see a victory again, but you cannot let yourself forget just how bad this team is still. Keep in mind that this was the Browns! And they only beat them by one point!

Lions vs Browns - Pregame Week-11

Could it be possible that the Lions are up against a team that is actually worse than they are? Both teams are currently 1-8 and at the bottom of the NFL. The Lions have a better offense than Cleveland does, but the Browns have a better defense than the Lions do.

The Browns have only faced two teams that are below .500 and one of those, Buffalo, they beat. The Lions have faced 4 teams under .500 and only beat one of them. The Rams only win for the season came against the Lions.

The Lions can pass the ball a little, sometimes, kind of. They sure can't run though. Doesn't it seem like it has been almost a decade since the Lions actually had a threat at running back? It has been about a dozen years since the Lions have had some semblance of a decent offensive line.

Seriously though, this is one game the Lions have to win. If they do not beat the Browns, they will probably not even get another chance at a victory this season. Cleveland is the last bad team the Lions will play this year. They need this win to be able to actually say they are improved over last season. If they lose to Cleveland, the win against Washington will be considered a complete fluke. If the Lions lose this week, they will very likely end the season at 1-15 which would make it 1-31 for the last two years.

Yet, a part of me hopes they lose. Outside of Stafford having a real bad injury, there is simply no way the Lions will draft a quarterback in the coming draft. From everything I could find, there are no true studs in running back coming out of college this next season. Does anyone think the Lions would dare to actually draft a receiver with their first round pick again? I would bet they do not draft a receiver in the first round so long as they have Calvin Johnson healthy. So they will not draft a quarterback, running back or receiver in the first round and likely will not take a tight end either. In other words, the way I see it, the Lions will actually be forced to draft a good offensive lineman or a great defensive player.

In most mock draft boards at this early stage, the #1 player is DT-Ndamukong Suh. This guy has size, athleticism, quickness and a non-stop motor. He is the type of defensive tackle who will draw a double team and still cause problems. This is a player the Lions absolutely need to have a good defense. If the Lions win against the Browns, they likely will not get him.

For once the Lions just might be forced to draft the positions they should have addressed a decade ago. The only way I think the Lions will mess that up is by beating the Browns. That reason alone is why I will pick the Lions to win.

Lions - 20
Browns - 17


A Letter to Mr. Ford

Dear Mr. Ford

There is a very common belief that you do not care about what the fans think. So writing this letter would be senseless. However, I am writing this letter anyway under the belief that if you actually do end up reading it, that act alone would show you do care and therefore be proving the fans wrong.

I have been a Detroit Lions fan for a long time now. I have lived and died through the Billy Simms era and the Barry Sanders era. I have agonized through the many losing seasons through the last few decades. During these times, I like any fan have always had my opinions on what the Lions need to do to become good. Unlike most fans, I have never seen my beliefs put into gear.

The closest I have ever come to seeing it was in 1997 when Barry Sanders ran for over 2000 yards. I remember a game when Sanders broke away for two touchdown runs of 80 yards each and both of those runs came behind Juan Roque. It was the only game I remember with or without Barry where the Lions offensive line opened up gaping holes for Barry to run through. Soon after however, Roque hurt his knee and was never the same. Thus ended the beginning of my vision for the Lions.

You see Mr. Ford, my vision for the Lions is to have a powerful offensive line and a great defense. Yet the Lions never seem to have either. When was the last time the Lions had a top five defense? When was the last time they had a great offensive line? Many have argued that the Lions had a good line with Barry Sanders because of how many yards he gained. I believe that Barry ran behind a terrible line. It was rare that Sanders had a huge hole to run through. I often saw Emmitt Smith run through holes that you could drive a freighter through, but rarely did Barry get anything close to that. Far, far more often, Barry was tackled for a one yard loss because he was hit as he took the hand-off. A good line would not have had that happen nearly so often.

With a great offensive line, a team can sustain drives far more often, keeping their defense off the field and fresh. It is rare that I see the Lion push for a first down in short yardage situations. A top offensive line will protect the quarterback and give him time to find receivers. We ran Scott Mitchell and Joey Harrington out of Detroit because they never had 2 seconds to throw. Will Stafford be next?

I have argued many times that if you gave me a great offensive line and a great defense with the worst quarterback in the NFL, I could beat a team with the best quarterback and a bad line and defense. Baltimore once won the Superbowl because they had a great offensive line and great running game as well as a great defense. They won the Superbowl with Trent Dilfer! Evidence that backs up my beliefs. Look at Green bay this season. Great quarterback with a lousy line and average defense. They are not going to make the play-offs.

Please Mr. Ford. I beg you to either hand the Lions off to your son, sell the team or finally address the team in a different way. Please do not draft anymore high profile position players. We do not need another quarterback. The Lions do not need to address the running back or wide receivers. They need offensive and defensive linemen!

Consider two very famous cliches in the NFL. "You build a team from the inside out" and "The games are won in the trenches". There are reasons these sayings are so famous. They are right! The best teams open holes for their running backs and protect their quarterback. The best teams can pressure the quarterbacks with just their defensive linemen. The best teams control the trenches.

I have heard many say the Lions need to address the cornerbacks and safety. This is a mistake. The only reason our defensive backs look so bad is because the line puts no pressure on the quarterbacks. The worst QB in the NFL will look like a star if he has all day to throw. As we have seen this year as most of the QB's have completed near 75% of their passes against the Lions.

Please MR. Ford, forget the rest of the team for one off-season and focus on the trenches. The only other position the Lions can truly upgrade would be running back. Only because Kevin Smith is not fast enough to be a real threat. But I would rather have him behind a great line than Adrian Peterson behind a bad line.

That is my vision for the Lions. A team that controls the trenches. That has been my vision my entire life as a Lions fan. It is a vision I have yet to see filled. Isn't it time to do things right?


Lions Lose to Vikings in week-10

Matthew Stafford actually completed 57% of his pass attempts. He had one touchdown and no interceptions. Calvin Johnson had 8 receptions for 84 yards and Kevin Smith averaged 4.6 yards per carry. Looking at it that way, the Lions had a decent week. The Vikings had one of their sloppiest games, dropping several passes and accumulating 13 penalties for 91 yards. The Lions had a decent day and the Vikings had a very lethargic day coming off of their bye-week; yet the Detroit Lions were still beat by the Minnesota Vikings 27-10.

IF you took the Vikings players and wrapped all of their hands in tape, they would still tackle better than the Lions. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a Lions player shoot into the Vikings backfield and hit Adrian Peterson head on before the Minnesota running back can get any momentum going. There is nothing more aggravating than to see that Lions player bounce off of the Minnesota star and watch Adrian Peterson run away for a long touchdown. I know Peterson is a big strong and fast running back who is hard to bring down, but so often it looks like the Lions defensive players forget they actually have hands they can grab with.

Stafford was much more accurate than he has been in the past. He still had his misfires, but nowhere near as often as usual. However, I still do not see any touch on his passes. Every throw looks like it is on a tight rope. Touch, however can be taught. I for one do not believe real accuracy can be. The question with Stafford is, was this just a great game for him, or was it a showing of him actually being accurate. I will need to see him put two, maybe even three games in a row with being fairly accurate before I believe he is actually accurate.

All in all though, it was just another game filled with lousy offensive and defensive line play. Teams don't need to blitz the Lions very often because they know their lineman will find their way through to pressure the quarterback. The Lions wont blitz because they are afraid of being burnt so they continue to be shredded while playing the lethargic zone defense.

Once again it is all new coaches, a new general manager and even new players for the most part. Yet it is still the same old results we have been seeing for decades now. A pansy zone defense with rarely a blitz. Horrid offensive line play. Dropped passes and no imagination to the play calling. The drafts are all about getting the sexy high profile player to sell tickets rather than the gritty linemen the Lions need so badly. All new Lions with the same old results. Yet there is only one constant through it all. William Clay Ford!

Honestly. Does anyone really believe the Lions will beat the 1-7 Cleveland Browns? Likely 1-8 after tonight's game against Baltimore. The Lions lost to the Rams and the Seahawks in consecutive weeks. Do you really think they are better than the Browns? Can they beat them? Yes they can. They beat Washington didn't they? Watching at what level their play is in recent games however, can you have any confidence at all?

With all of the changes the Detroit Lions have made from last season, it sure seems to me that they have gotten worse rather than better.


Lions vs Vikings - Pregame Week-10

The 2009 NFL season is 9 weeks old. Including the bye-week, the Lions have now played 8 games. Within those 8 games, they have already fallen 6 games out of first place, behind this weeks opponent, the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have lost as many games as the Lions have won. That is One!

When the Vikings have the ball: Opposing quarterbacks have been completing nearly 75% of their passes every week against the Lions. In their first meeting, Brett Favre completed 85% of his passes. In my entire life I have never seen a defense so bad against the pass. Yes that includes last years Lions. The Lions can almost stop the run this season but even with a good game they will only slow Adrian Peterson down. Larry Foote and Louis Delmas are the only players I am seeing attack the ball. Too often players will come to a stop and shuffle their feet while waiting for the runner to make the move. This often leads to tackling after the first down is made.

When the Lions have the ball: The offensive line has moments of looking okay on run blocking, but it often gets absolutely no push up the middle. Kevin Smith is banged up and simply too slow. Matthew Stafford rarely shows he can put any touch on a pass, is very inaccurate and not reading defenses very well. The Lions best receiver in Calvin Johnson has a banged up knee. These are not good points when facing a strong Minnesota Defense. They are not good points when facing any defense for that fact.

Intangibles: Too often the Lions best play comes in the first quarter. Far too often the other teams make adjustments and the Lions don't. Until the Coaches figure out how to make some adjustments, the Lions will continue to get worse as games go on.

I have never liked Brett Favre. As great as he was, I still feel he was overrated. When pressured, he makes bad mistakes. I cannot tell you how much it bothers me to watch him rip the Lions apart because they cannot put any pressure on him. It is going to be a very long three hours Sunday.

Det = 13
Min = 34


Another Wasted 1st Round Pick

Watching his play so far this season, I cannot understand how anyone can say that Matthew Stafford is going to be a great quarterback in the NFL. A few of his touchdowns were pretty, but that does not make him a great quarterback prospect. Remember, even the hated Joey Harrington threw some touchdowns. It is rare that Stafford shows he has the ability to put any kind of touch on his passes. He has a great arm, that is a fact, but he throws a bullet every pass. His down field passes are always thrown on a rope so defenses can snatch them before they get to the receivers. Yet that is not why I am down on him.

Far more often than not on crossing routes, he throws the ball behind his receivers. It is seldom that the receivers can catch the ball and continue to run rather than going into a slide as they reach behind them. Just as often, his passes are not even catchable. I do not doubt that he can learn to put some touch on his passes as he accumulates experience but accuracy in general is not something to be taught.

If you look at the better quarterbacks in the NFL, there are a few things they all have in common. They are accurate throwers, they have good poise and they are intelligent. Matthew Stafford does not have accuracy or poise and the intelligence is still up for questioning.

I have already talked about hi9m not being accurate, but I will add one more point of evidence on the fact. In college, he only passed for over 60% in one season. His junior season he completed 61.4% of his attempts. In college, that is not considered great. So far in the NFL he is at a 54.1% clip.

I know many will want to argue the poise claim. I can only go by what I have seen of him and so far his poise is practically non-existent. Yes, he does wait til the last second sometimes to throw the pass, but when he does wait, his passes are usually very erratic. Far more often than not, when he has a player coming at him hard, his pass will not even be catchable. That is not poise!

As for intelligence, that is still up for debate. It will solely depend on if he can ever learn to read the defenses better than he does now.

When Tom Brady still played for Michigan, I was the only person I knew who actually believed he would be a good NFL quarterback. I watched him throw very accurate passes as he was taking hits too often. He showed me two of those three qualities. Accuracy and poise. The knocks against him coming out of college was that he tended to hold the ball too low, he sometimes hung his deep passes and was not great at escaping pressure. They also said his arm was not considered to be real strong. Funny how all the things that were held against him are things that are praised about Stafford. The strong points about Brady, the accuracy, poise and intelligence are not considered to be Stafford's strong points.

So many believe Matthew Stafford will become a great quarterback in the NFL. I stand now and say it will not happen. As I said, I gauge a quarterback by three important markers. Accuracy, poise and intelligence. In that order. Stafford does not have the first two in my opinion and those are two things that cannot be taught. Oh, Stafford will have his good games. Just like Joey Harrington, Charlie Batch, Scott Mitchell and every other Lion quarterback has had. I do not believe however, that Stafford will ever have great games on a consistent basis.

Once again, the Detroit Lions have wasted another first round pick.


Lions Lose to Seahawks in week-9

This week in Seattle, the Detroit Lions were hoping to make up for their debacle last week against the St. Louis Rams. They came away with a 32 to 20 loss.

If you did not watch the game and could not even listen to the game, you might see the score and think the Seahawks beat up on the Lions. I assure you the score is very deceiving. It was nowhere near as close as the score makes it sound.

The Seahawks came out flat and turned the ball over on their first two offensive plays of the game and Detroit took advantage, going up 14 to nothing. The first quarter ended with the Lions ahead 17-0. Then the real Detroit Lions showed up to play. In the final three quarters of play, the Lions accumulated only one field goal while giving up 3 touchdowns and 4 field goals.

Once again the Lions could not stop a pass as Matt Hasselbeck completed 76% of his passes for 329 yards. Often, almost every pass, his receivers caught the ball with no Lions player within three yards. On screen passes the Lions defenders often charged to within 3 or 4 yards of the running back and stopped, shuffling their feet while waiting for the running back to make the move and run by them. Seldom did the Lions defense attack.

Stafford was once again extremely inaccurate as he completed only 52% of his passes. Many of the passes he did complete were throws his receivers had to reach back behind them to grab. After throwing the two touchdown passes in the first quarter, he finished the game out by adding 5 interceptions.

On paper, the Lions are far more talented than they were in 2008, and yet they are playing worse than they did in that 0-16 joke of a season. Even though they won a game this season, their play in pass defense and offense has been much worse. They have now been beat up by two of the three worse teams (other than the Lions) in the NFL in consecutive weeks.


My Thoughts on the Detroit Lions

2008 was the worst season I have ever been through as a Detroit Lions fan. Of course that statement holds true for most all Lions fans. The problem is that this season might be worse!

The Lions hit a record low last year going winless for the first time for any team in the NFL. It was a disappointing and discouraging year as we watched the worst football team in NFL history. But last year we all knew the talent was desolate. We all knew that the Lions as a team were at an all time low. This year was supposed to be different!

Jim Schwartz took over a the coach. Gunthar Cunningham was the new defensive coordinator. Together they were supposed to build a much better tam and show a much more aggressive style of play. In came Larry Foote, Julian Peterson and Grady Jackson. They drafted a young hitting talent in Louis Delmas. They signed two new cornerbacks. On the offensive side of the ball, they drafted what is supposed to be the Lions future star at quarterback and Tight End. This year was supposed to be different!

So where is that difference? When a team as bad as the St.Louis Rams comes into Detroit and the Lions still lose, is this improvement? Are the multitude of dropped passes any different? Are the collage of missed tackles on each play anything new? The horrible accuracy by a quarterback, is that new? The stupid penalties and bad offensive line play, is that something we have never seen? Other than all of the new names on the roster, where is the difference?

How can a team look so much better on paper, be just as bad as the worst team in NFL history? How is it possible the Lions have not improved? Over 2009, don't they improve by simple default? So they won a game this year. You know what? That doesn't mean they are better! That only means one of their opponents finally had a horrible day!

When will the Lions finally get a clue as to how to put a real NFL team together? When Barry Sanders was here, the Lions still sucked! They weren't a good team. They just won some games because they had arguably the best running back of all time. Sure Sanders had some awesome years, but it wasn't because he had a great offensive line blocking for him. In fact he did not even have a decent line in front of him. That is why Barry was as well known for his one or two yard losses as he was for his 80 yard touchdowns. Because the line sucked and far too often he was hit as he took the hand off. Barry retired early because he was sick of the Lions losing ways.

Year after year the Lions place an emphasis on improving the running game. Every coach says the same thing. They will emphasize the running game. Yet no coach is willing to do what it takes to have a good running game. Get a decent offensive line!

Here are two extremely common yet very very accurate cliches in the NFL. ... "The game is won in the trenches" and "Defense wins Championships"! Oh how about, "You build a team from the inside, out!" I have debated many times before that if you give me an average quarterback with a great offensive line, I will beat a team with the best quarterback in the NFL history who has a bad line. So can someone please tell me why the Lions continue to draft high profile players like quarterbacks, Running Backs and Receivers?

If the Lions are improved, they need to start showing it. They do not get a free pass because they are using a rookie QB. They shouldn't have drafted him in the first place! If he is not ready, they should play another QB! It is time for our rookies to begin showing us why they were drafted so high! Delmas needs to wrap up on his tackles. Pettigrew needs to get open and catch some passes. Stafford needs to become much more accurate! If they cannot start showing they are a better team, the Schwartz needs to go. Even after only one year. Yes I agree a coach needs three years to put his team together with a scheme of his own. But when you come to a team as bad as the Lions and add so much more talent and get the same results, that is inexcusable!


Lions Lose to Rams in week-8

Disgusted! That is the word that describes what every Lions fan must be feeling today. The Lions who seem improved over their 0-16 season, lost 17-10 to the worst team in the NFL. Or would that now be the 2nd worst team in the NFL?

The Lions only scoring came from a safety, a quarterback scramble for a touchdown and a two point conversion. The safety came when Stafford's pass was intercepted in the end-zone. The Rams defender brought the ball out of the end zone than went back into the end zone before being tackled.

Matthew Stafford completed only 14 of 33 pass attempts. That is only 42%. According to the announcers there was as many as 8 or 9 dropped passes. In the last and final play for the Lions offense, Stafford showed just how green he still is. On 4th down and 20 yards to go for a first down, his pass went out of bounds with absolutely no receivers in the vicinity. That just cannot happen! You cannot throw the ball away on 4th and 20 on your final drive!

The fans have been in love with Jim Schwartz as the Lions coach. How long can that last? With so much of a turnover of player personnel. With so many 'better' players added to the defense, there is no excuse for the Lions playing at such a low level. When are players going to be held accountable for their bad play? Next week, Derrick Williams should get the start opposite of Calvin Johnson if he is ready to play. The constant drops by Bryant Johnson and Dennis Northcutt is inexcusable! If they are going to drop passes at this pace, they need to be sitting the bench and let others play. If the Lions cannot find a receiver who can actually catch the ball, they need to sign players from their practice squad.

First overall pick or not, if Stafford is having a bad game and he looks lost, sit him and use Culpepper or Stanton then bring Stafford back in the next week. He has not done anything to deserve to stay in the game if he is having a bad week. I don't care how many millions he is making.

If players cannot tackle, sit them and let other players have a chance! If a certain linebacker is not performing, let Zach Follett have a shot.

It is time to make players accountable for their level of play and that is up to Schwartz to make them accountable. If Northcutt and Bryant Johnson play next week, Schwartz is as much as saying to them that they don't have to catch the passes. Its not about playing well and it's not about winning.

This weeks game was disgusting! There is no excuse for losing to the Rams at home. We the fans have seen the Lions play like pansy ass bums for far too long now and it is time that changes! Ford needs to sell the team to an owner who will give them a chance!

People can love Stafford all they want to, but they cannot honestly say the Lions are playing better because they have him than if they did not pick him first overall. So far Pettigrew has shown very very little. If the Lions would have picked a good offensive tackle and moved Backus to guard where he belongs, they would have been much further along. If the Lions would have drafted a good defensive lineman with their second pick, instead of a Tight End, they would have been eons further along.

It is time for Ford to give up this team, even if the new owner moves them out of Michigan! It is time for the Lions to be put in the hands of someone who actually knows how to build a team! That is from the trenches out folks! Not with sexy picks like Stafford and Pettigrew who cannot play well if they do not have a good line in front of them!

This has gone on for far too long and it is time for it to stop! Give up the Lions Mr.Ford! To hell with your old man pride and finally do the right thing. Give the Lions up! Even if it is to your son.