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From a Detroit Lions Fan... "Thank-you Packers Fans!"

I have not been the most optimistic fan for the Detroit Lions. I have certain beliefs and when the Lions did not conform to those beliefs, it bothered me. I see how much talent they have on their team. I see how close they are to being a very good team, and I see where they could have already been there if they had taken certain steps. When they did not make the moves I believed were the correct moves, it bothered me that they wouldn't be as good as I believed they could be.

I believed that the Cornerback position was much more important to address than the Linebackers. So when they signed good linebackers but only added Cornerbacks who were questionable, I didn't believe they were as improved as they could be.

My mind has not changed from that. However, I have realized there is much more reason to be excited than I was giving credit for. Before I move into explaining this, I must thank the Green Bay Packer's fans for my new found excitement. You see, it was in there forums where the Lions fans and the Packers fans were debating that I came to realize just how good the Lions just might be. So thank-you Packer fans. I owe you so much.

As for the rest of the story....

Let me take you back to the first game of the 2010 season, when Calvin Johnson made an outstanding grab in the end-zone to win the game and beat the Chicago Bears. Then the refs called it an incompletion because he did not get up with the ball. We will not go into the details of how by the letter of the actual rule, it was really a catch and the NFL chose to interpret the rule differently than it was written. The fact is, 99% of the NFL knows that it was a catch and the Lions should have won the game.

Later in Philadelphia, Jeremy Maclin shoved off of the Lions defender to catch a Touchdown. It was the difference in the game and if it had been called, the Lions could well have had another win.

In Green Bay, the Lions only needed a field goal to win. On a pass to Calvin Johnson, that would have put the Lions well within range, Woodson was shoving all over Johnson. No call was made. It was blatant interference and should have given the Lions a 1st down in field goal range. No call meant another loss.

Three separate instances where the refs made bad calls or ignored blatant penalties at critical times in the game to give the Lions losses. The Detroit Lions ended the season on a four game winning streak to give them six wins on the season. If they would not have had three other games stolen from them, they very easily could have been 9-7 for the season. I do not point these games out to cry about the Lions being cheated. I do not claim the Lions would have won all three of those games. I simply believe that the Lions very well could have won all three of those games and very well could have been 9-7 on the year.

Since then, the Lions are not worse in any one position on the team. On the contrary, they have improved in many positions. They have added another talented defensive tackle to give the defensive line more strength and depth. They have added two knew linebackers that have plenty of talent. They return with the same cornerbacks and have also added Eric Wright who has a lot of talent and we cannot forget that Aaron Berry will be healthy this year. On top of all of those improvements, they have added Erik Coleman to play alongside of Louis Delmas. The defense that showed promise but had so many holes last year will be much improved. Though I do not believe they are as improved as they could have been, I have to admit, they are still much improved. That excites me!

Then we look to the offense....

Jahvid Best played almost his entire rookie season on two turf toe injuries. For a running back who is built for speed, shiftiness and changing directions, those turf toe injuries can be extremely hampering. He is healthy now. But to play it safe, the Lions have added insurance and a change of pace guy in Mikel LeShoure, who has plenty of talent of his own.

Calvin Johnson is great and Nate Burleson proved himself to be a very good compliment, but they were short a third receiver who can pull some coverage away from Calvin. In comes Titus Young, a rookie many believes has the talent to do just that.

So the Lions have added talent to both the receiver and the running back positions, but those are the least of improvements. The biggest improvement on the offensive side of the ball will be the healthy return of Matthew Stafford. Finally having surgery in the off-season, Stafford should now be safe from dislocating his shoulder so easily. After all, it is supposed to have been the same surgery Sam Bradford went through before his rookie year and he held up very well. If Stafford stays healthy finally, as many now believe he will, there is no accounting for how much improvement he will be over Shaun Hill.

Think about it fans. A Detroit Lions team that was so extremely close to being 9-7 last year, will come into the 2011 season vastly improved in multiple positions. How can one not get excited over that?

If that is not enough to get your Honolulu Blood rushing through your silver lined veins, consider this... The Lions split the series with the Green Bay Packers. They lost to the Packers in Green Bay in a very close game without Stafford playing. Then later in the season, the Lions beat the Packers. Even though the Packers were without Rodgers for most of the game, the Lions were then down to there 3rd string QB. In two games, the Lions matched up almost evenly with the Superbowl Champions. And here in 2011, the Lions now have a whole Ford Truck full of talent added. How can you not be excited for that?

So thank-you Packer fans, for opening my eyes to just how good the Lions really are. For awakening my mind to realize the Lions 2010 season where they won 6 games was a misleading record. For they were much better than 6 wins last year. They are even better this year.
I have to say it. .... "GO LIONS!"


2011 Detroit Lions Football is Alive!!!

The lockout is over and it is now official, the Detroit Lions will open their 2011 training camp on Thursday, July 28th.

We can all rest easy now right? Hell no! This is in no way the time to rest easy. This is when the fans can finally begin to get excited. The Lions will play a full season. Things may be starting a little later than usual, but so what! After all, it is only preseason that will be rushed.

Starting at 10:01 AM Tuesday, the Detroit Lions can begin signing their rookies as well as negotiating with free agents, but they will not be allowed to sign free agents quite yet.

On Thursday at 4:01 PM, the Detroit Lions can begin releasing veteran players.

On Friday at 6:01 PM, the Lions can begin renegotiating contracts with their veterans. More importantly, they can then, begin signing unrestricted free agents.

Finally, starting on Friday evening, we can start hoping to here news on who the Lions go after and sign. Will it be the linebacker, Stephen Tulloch or will it be CB, Johnathan Joseph? Could they possibly get Nnamdi Asomugha, the super star corner back from Oakland?

All of the Detroit Lions fans as well as many experts will be watching to news wire, waiting to hear news of who the Lions sign as well as which players are signed by other teams. That is important because it will help us keep track of who else the Lions can still get.

For right now, it doesn't matter.It wont matter until Friday evening after 6:01. But for now? I for one, am willing to simply be happy, because the Lions are going to have a season. I will not go without Detroit Lions Football.


Lions Fans Shouldn't Count on Tulloch

With the great hope of the NFL Lockout ending this week, there are a lot of fans thinking about which free agents the Lions will get. One of the most popular picks is LB - Stephen Tulloch. Don't count on him coming to Detroit though.

There is no debate he is a good linebacker. There is no question that he can make an immediate upgrade to the Lions defense. There is no doubt he will be considered. I do however, doubt very much that the Detroit Lions will sign him.

I know. I have heard all the hoopla about how there is already a connection with Schwartz, but that is not enough. If the Lions were to sign Tulloch, they would then have to move DeAndre Levy back to the outside linebacker spot. I simply do not believe the Lions want to do that. Levy started out playing on the outside, then he moved to the inside when Larry Foote got injured. Levy played so well inside that by seasons end, he was making all of the defensive calls... as a rookie! To move him back outside would hamper his own growth.

The Lions are happy with Levy playing inside. They like his quickness as well as his intelligence. They would rather look to other linebackers who can come in and play the outside and not move Levy. If they cannot find someone and Tulloch becomes their only real option? Then they will go after him hard, but their first options will likely be to keep Levy inside.

Another consideration is the fact that, believe it or not, the Lions are hurting more at Cornerback than they are at Linebacker. In the Lions last four games last year, Bobby Carpenter and Ashlee Palmer actually played quite well. Palmer is only 25 years old and Carpenter is only 28. They are not great by any means, but with consistent playing time, they both can still improve. On the other hand, cornerback was not a good position last year. The Lions best CB may be lost to free agency this year, so the Lions could easily be going into the new season pretty much desolated at the position.

I would completely expect the Lions to make signing a good cornerback their highest priority. If they can get a good CB, and a good linebacker that would be great, but you don't go into the free-agency expecting to sign anyone you go after. Too many other teams will be try as well. So their first priority should be a good Cornerback. From there they will move onto a good linebacker, but likely it will be too late by then to get Tulloch.

Keep in mind that this year, the free agency period will not be like years past. With the lengthy lockout, free agency will be more of a quick hit sniper attack. Teams will not be able to spend too much time talking to players as they will already be getting ready for training camp to open. Teams will go after players with hard offers and try to get them signed as quickly as possible. They will have to make a list of their top choices and go for them first and hard. Hopefully they will get one, if not, they likely will not have a chance at others.


I Need Detroit Lions Football

I do not know how I can put it any other way but to simply say..."I need Detroit Lions Football ... BADLY!"

Two weeks ago, my car started having problems. The mechanic told me it was internal and the engine I have is a pain to work on. He said it was not worth my time to fix it. That I should drive it until it dies and in the mean time, look for a new car. Last week, it got a lot worse. I now drive it to and from work every day, wondering each trip if it would be the trip I was left stranded. It now stalls several times during each trip. I have no extra money in the bank and cannot afford a car payment.

Over the weekend, I watched in astonishment as the jury of the Casey Anthony trial read off a verdict of not guilty because they do not understand the difference between "Beyond a REASONABLE doubt", and "With no possible doubt whatsoever"! Could it have been an accidental death? Sure, if you want to accept that they decided to make an accident look like a murder. Maybe if you want to believe that parents and grandparents who loved the little girl could just toss the body in a swamp. Perhaps if you want to believe that she was a good mother but cared so little that her daughter died, that she went out and rented movies with her boyfriend that same night and was laughing and joking. Could it have been an accident? Yes it was possible by a stretch of the imagination. But it was not a REASONABLE theory by ANY stretch of any imagination. She had to be proven guilty beyond a REASONABLE doubt. Not beyond any possible chance!

Dealing with the car problems that are quickly becoming an emergency, and being disgusted with a child killer being found not guilty, I am dealing with many other more personal problems that weigh on my heart just as much as those two problems if not more so. I need an outlet! And my outlet is not there!!!!

I cant get my mind off of my problems by reading or writing good articles about the Lions because frankly, Nothing is happening with the Lions!

I need my Lions football to come back! I need to have my debates on if Stafford will stay healthy or if he looks better or worse than he did before getting hurt last year. I need to see LeShoure and Frailey playing against NFL caliber players to see if I think they will be able to play at the next level. I need to open up Mlive and find new Lions articles to read. I need to see Suh slapping quarterbacks around like redheaded step-children!

Owners, players and lawyers, I have a message for you.... For Gods sake, stop bickering and get a new CBA together and get back to work already! Don't you know what you are doing to the fans? While you argue back and forth, people like me have to sit here twiddling our thumbs and worry over our problems like a dog gnawing on a bone. We fans have to dwell on our misfortunes, going over all of the dead end possibilities without finding an answer, over and over and over until we are ready to snap! People are going to be found crouched down in corners, a strand of saliva swinging from their bottom lip, while mumbling something unintelligible and rocking back and forth. Why? Because they don't have football to take their minds off of their problems! All because you guys cant stop arguing and come up with a CBA that meets some common agreement.

I have to listen to my wife watching the TV, the volume turned up as the lawyers complain over and over how shocked they are that Casey was found innocent. Why? Because I don't have any real football news to fill my head with! I have to listen to Sports talk radio go on about crap that I don't care anything about, every day! Why? Because nothing is happening in Football! People are forced to read messed up pieces of #$% articles like this one! Why? Because there is nothing worthwhile to write about in Football right now!!!!!
(We at the Detroit Lions Observer apologize for the low quality of this article. We would like you to know that the columnist is indeed sedated and doing much better now. He is even smiling and pointing at the pretty lights. Hopefully he will be back with us soon and more importantly, hopefully he will be up to writing with a little more professionalism. God Bless you all and Lord let their be Football soon.)