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Ndamukong Suh's Sack List
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McCoy Over Suh?

All eyes are on the St.Louis Rams and who they will pick with the first overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft. Most expect the Rams to take Ndomakung Suh and the Lions to end up with Gerald McCoy. However, there is the faction who believe that the Rams will take Sam Bradford and the Lions will get Suh. If the Rams are to take Suh, how would you feel if the Lions still took McCoy and passed by Suh?

There are a lot of fans who believe McCoy is the better DT, despite Suh's far superior numbers. Citing that Suh uses more of a strength dominance while McCoy has more quickness and technique, they believe McCoy is better for the Lions defense. Even some experts have claimed as much.

Another fact that might push the Detroit Lions to rank McCoy over Suh would be Suh's three knee surgeries. Though he has stayed healthy for two straight years now, with the Lions propensity to players getting injured, they might feel safer taking the more durable McCoy.

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  1. Either guy will be a good fit, they just need someone, anyone, to be a threat in the middle of that line. Haynesworth was great for Schwartz in TENN, but aside from 2008 he wasn't ever a super sack artist.