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Lions Trade for CB Chris Houston

On Monday, the Detroit Lions acquired cornerback, Chris Houston, in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons. For Houston, the Lions gave up a 6th round in this years 2010 draft as well as swapping 5th round picks.

After landing CB - Dunta Robinson, the Falcons made some room by trading Houston. Houston has started 36 of the Falcons last 38 games. Is he a great NFL cornerback? No! But Houston is a viable starter and young enough at 25 years old that he can still get better. If the Lions draft Suh in April's draft, Houston's job will become that much easier.

I saw one post from an Atlanta fan in a forum that eluded to Houston never learning to turn around and face the ball so her didn't get hit with an interference penalty. If this is a problem of his, then I am not worried. For him to get called, he must be covering well enough to stay with the opposing receivers. Besides, sometimes it just takes a new atmosphere and a different coach telling you something for it to finally sink in.

The fact remains.... the Detroit Lions needed to address both CB positions and they started by getting a starter in trade for what is essentially a late round pick. Good trade!

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