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Ndamukong Suh's Sack List
Keep track of which quarterbacks Suh has faced and which ones he has taken down.

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Lions 2010 Draft - Round 1

The beginning of the first round started as most fans expected and wanted as the Rams took quarterback Sam Bradford and the Lions drafted the defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Check out the Ndamukong Suh song "A Man Named Suh" near the top of this blog.

The Lions got the most Ndominating defensive tackle to come out of college in a long time and he should take the already improved and solid defensive line and make it a line for offenses to fear. With Suh and Corey Williams penetrating the middle on pass plays, the offensive lines will have a hard time stopping them and not allowing the defensive ends to get around the outsides as well.

The new and improved penetrating defensive line should make the whole defense a lot better as well as the cornerbacks will not have to cover as long. The linebackers will not have as many holes to fill on run stops and a blitzing linebacker will find more room to get through to the quarterback.

All and all, the Detroit Lions first pick of the 2010 year was a great choice and a possible gold mine. Yet, the Lions were not finished with the first round as they traded to move back into the first round. The Lions gave the Minnesota Vikings their 2nd round (#34 overall) pick and swapped 4th round picks for Minnesota's 1st round (#30 overall) draft pick. With the 30th overall pick in the draft, the Detroit Lions addressed their running back need with Jahvid Best.

Some fans are worried about Jahvid Best and his concussion that ended his season. It was a freak injury where he dove into the endzone and was hit while in the air. He flipped head over heels and landed on the back of his head and neck. The result was a bad concussion that hurt his draft value in many eyes. Before the injury he was ranked even with CJ Spiller who was drafted with the 9th pick of the draft. So as long as he does not get injured again, the Lions got a top 10 value with the 30th pick.

Some are afraid that he will have more concussions because it is believed that once a person has a concussion, they become more prone to them. Yet one only has to look to a player the Lions recently traded away to answer that. Ernie Sims had multiple concussions in college but after 4 seasons in the NFL, he has yet to have one concussion. If the same will happen for Jahvid Best, the Lions may have their franchise running back of the future and a running back with the speed to take one to the house on any given play.

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