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Suh Thinks He Is The Best, But Suh Is Not Best

Ndamukong Suh was told he was the best player in the draft. He believes he was the best player in the draft. His agents want him to be paid like the best player in the draft. Yet as camp opened up, it was not Suh who was in camp. It was Best.

I have often told others that talk is cheap. If you want the truth, look at actions. Ndamukong Suh talked a lot about wanting to be in camp on time. As I said, talk is cheap. When you look at Suh's actions, you find another side of the story. When training camp opened, the defensive tackle was not in camp. Instead, his agents are still busy trying to get him paid as if he was the best player taken in the draft. What the agents have wrong is that players are not paid according to who was the best in the draft. They are paid according to when they were drafted. Though I do think Suh was the best player in the 2010 NFL draft, the fact is, he was drafted 2nd, so he should be paid accordingly.

Mean while, another player who in the end could possibly be the best player in the draft, Jahvid Best, has not spoken much. Best let his actions do the talking and when camp began, he was there to practice.

With each day, my respect for Jahvid Best will grow while my respect for Ndamukong Suh will drop. I do not respect good intentions as much as I do action. I certainly do not respect cheap talk as much. I respect a man who does what is right and not one who intends to do what is right but never really gets around to it. I think that most of Detroit's fan base feels the same. As much as the fans want to see a winning team here in Detroit. The comments I have read in other sites tell me that most fans would rather the Lions let Suh sit out the season, possibly lose him to another team in another draft, than to give into his greedy agents demands.

Ndamukong Suh, if you want the fans to love you here in Detroit, you need to prove yourself with action. Not only action on the field but by doing what is right. Sign a good deal, but don't get greedy and get yourself in practice. Detroit fans are finicky. They will lose respect for you if you do not practice hard. They will lose respect if you do not play well. They will lose respect for you if you start holding out after talking about wanting to be signed on time.

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