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Lions Preseason Week-3: A Great Sign

It was the Detroit Lions dress rehearsal for the upcoming season. It was the first preseason game against a team considered to be a great team in the NFL. It was the ultimate test for the Lions as they prepared to enter the 2011 season. I would definitely say they passed this test with flying colors!

Matthew Stafford took his first hit and was plastered into the turf as he let go of a pass. He got back up, showing no ill effects. Good sign!

Matthew Stafford was 12 of 14 for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns in less than a half. His only incompletions were a dropped pass in the endzone and a superb defensive play by the Patriots cornerback. Good sign!

The defensive line was all over Tom Brady early and often, continuously knocking him to the turf. To the point where he had a couple passes that he threw short because he hurried it when he did not have to. Good sign!

The Lions went into Half-time with a 27-10 lead. The only starters to come out before the half mark were on the Lions. Good sign.

Simply put, with both teams using their starters, the Detroit Lions man-handled the New England Patriots on both sides of the ball. Definitely a good sign!

If you are like me, a believer the Lions were as good as a 9-7 team last year and come into this season with a much improved team, then this game served only to build up your excitement. If you were a pessimist, believing the Lions have to show you they can be good before you believe it, you may be a bit excited after this game. One thing I can truly be sure of. Any Detroit Lions fan could not possibly watch this game and come away believing they will be awful.

By the way... as I finish this article, the Lions are now winning 34-10 with just under 10 minutes to go. GO LIONS!!!

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