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Lions 49 - Panthers 35

The Detroit Lions are at it again. Falling behind in the second quarter 24-7, they played the part of the "Come Back Cats" again beat the Panthers 49 to 35.

Let us face it. The Lions are the NFL's version of Jekyll & Hyde. Entering into games as the meek, skinny, little punk who gets picked on by kids half their size, they somehow transform into the hulking beast and tear those kids and their big brothers into shreds.

Matthew Stafford started the game off throwing two interceptions before finally throwing his first touchdown to Kevin Smith to get the Lions on the board. The ensuing kick-off was returned for 102 yards and a touchdown. Everyone must have thought it was the end of the day. To finally put something together and score a touchdown only to give up a return for a touchdown on the next play? The Lions sails suddenly looked like they had gone limp. The day should have been done.

Not in Detroit. Not in 2011. Not to this team! Stafford went on to throw for four more TD's (5 in all) and 335 yards. Int he Lions first two drives, Stafford had 5 incompletions and two of them for picks. After that, he completed an amazing 25 of his next 28 attempts.

Then there was Kevin Smith. You know him. The guy who couldn't stay healthy, had a promising rookie season and never looked better than average after that? Yeah that guy! He ran for 140 yards on 16 carries and two touchdowns, as well as catching 4 passes for another 61 yards and another touchdown.

The most impressive to me however, was Linehan's play calling. Many of the plays had Stafford setting up under center. He used the run very well and he used some imagination. Remember the play calling in Denver? This was far better!

The Lions looked great against a bad Panther's defense and the Lions Defensive line never allowed the rookie QB, Cam Newton, to get comfortable as he threw four interceptions and only passed for 1 TD.

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  1. It's been a long time coming, I can't wait for the war of thanksgiving!! Will be a great game.