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Lions vs Chargers Pregame

The Detroit Lions have not been to the NFL Playoffs since 1999. Think about that. Almost any kid who has not graduated high-school would have no memory of the Lions in the playoffs. On Christmas Eve, the Lions can cement their spot in the NFL Playoffs by beating the San Diego Chargers.

There is talk that this will be a high scoring shootout and whichever team has the ball last will win. It seems I say this a lot lately, but hogwash! Again, the last thing the Lions want is a shootout because quite frankly, they will not win that way. As potent as their offense is, their offense is not one that can be depended on for a full game. If you have followed my blog this year, or know me personally, you will also know that I have been upset with this very fact all season. Only twice have the Lions offense looked good for an entire game. Twice in 14 games! That is only a 14% chance the offense will put in four solid quarters.

The Chargers have a good duo of running backs and that is the Lions weak spot on defense. Don't get me wrong. Their run defense is nowhere near as bad as most fans (or their stats) makes you believe, but it is still not their strong suit. If the Lions want to win this game, they need to get the Chargers away from running the ball and more into the passing game. As good as Rivers can be, if you want to beat the Chargers, you have to beat them on your own terms. With the Lions, that is putting pressure on the passer, and for obvious reasons, you cannot put pressure on the passer if they are running the ball.

The way to get San Diego passing more is to score early and make them play from behind. So once again, it is extremely important for the Lions offense to get into the end-zone early. If they do not, there is too high of a chance the fans will be forced to sit through another Maalox Fourth Quarter as we watch the game from our knees, praying the Lions can pull out yet another come from behind victory.

The Chargers 7-7 record is deceiving. They have gotten better in recent weeks and are playing at a playoff caliber level. The Detroit Lions have yet to beat a team this year that was playing well. There is absolutely no doubt they have the talent to do so, but these coaches have yet to show they can out-coach the guys on opposing sidelines. Instead, they have been saved by the immense talent making big plays at opportune times. If the Lions want to beat the Chargers, they will need to either, absolutely out-perform them with better talent, or the coaches to have one of their best days. Let's hear it for great talent!

If the Chargers lose, they will be taken out of the play-off hunt. This is a must win for the team. They will definitely be a hungry team. The Lions should be even hungrier! With no playoff appearances in over a decade, they simply cannot afford to lose this game and have to beat the Packers in Green Bay to make the playoffs. They do not want to depend on other teams losing in order to back into the Playoffs. It will be Christmas Eve, and the best present the Detroit Lions can give to their fans (as well as to themselves), is a victory over the Chargers and a trip to the Playoffs!

Merry Christmas to all who read this. Go Lions!

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  1. ummmmmm yeah, you might want to rethink that thought on the lions offense. i believe the lions bent san diego over their lap and brought their hands down on their asses like a hawk. kaaaaawwww!