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Lions Lose to Packers 41-45

There are a lot of upset Lions fans tonight as the Detroit Lions lost to the Green Bay Packers 41 to 45. I for one am not so upset over it.

The Lions offense came to play as Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson had career days. Stafford threw for over 500 yards and connected for 5 touchdowns before all was said and done. Calvin Johnson caught 11 passes for 244 yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately the Packers backup quarterback, Matt Flynn, had a better day as he threw for 480 yards and 6 TDs.

It was a high offensive game for both teams but it looked as if both teams also left their defenses behind. Both teams had seven drives that ended with a score. Unfortunately, the Packers had one more that ended with a touchdown rather than a field goal.

Don't take the disappointment to heart though. Sure it would have been nice to face the Giants in the first round rather than the Saints, but but there are some positives.

1) The Lions are still in the play-offs and nobody got hurt in this game.
2) The Lions defensive showing was their worst of the season. They are sure to be better than that in the play-offs.
3)(And this one is my personal favorite)... Consider the dream scenario being staged for the Lions. To win the Superbowl now, they will likely have to go through the big three (Saints, Packers, & 49ers) to get to the Superbowl. We do that and there will be no asterisk next to our Superbowl. There will be nobody who can say the Lions didn't not belong or did not deserve it. I don't think a better stage could be written for a Lions Superbowl appearance.

As bad as the Lions defense looked, they were not the worst group on the field this game. No it was not the Packers defense either. I would give the worst gameball to the officials. I in no way put this loss on the backs of the officials, but they were still bad enough that I have no choice but to talk about them.

After Schwartz had already won one challenge, Stefan Logan lost the ball when he was tackle. In my opinion it was obvious the ball came out after he was already down on the ground but the refs called it a fumble and the Packers recovered it. Schwartz used his second and final challenge on the play and in the replays, contrary to what the announcers said, I believed it was clear he still had possession of the ball. Still the officials came back and said the play stands and it was the Packers ball. Two plays later, Alfonso Smith intercepted a pass from Flynn and the Lions got the ball back. On 2nd & 6, at the Packers 11 yard line, Stafford threw a pass to Titus Young and the rookie receiver caught and dragged his toes in the end-zone for a touchdown. The refs called it out of bounds. Unfortunately Schwartz had already used both of his challenges and was not allowed to force a replay. Detroit was robbed of a touchdown and then had to settle for a field goal.

I have seen some bad officiating this year and last. This game was one of the worst. A series of bad calls like that does not only rob a team of points, but it can also kill any momentum they have going. Calls like that can take players out of their game no matter how good or professional they are. It is sad it has happened so often in the last two year. Again, the Lions lost because they did not play defense. Mainly because they did not aggressively go after the quarterback, but this kind of sad officiating has too much effect on a team and cannot continue to happen.


  1. Let's face it. You can't blame the officials for this game. The Lion's couldn't win against Green Bay's second string and weak defense, what makes you think they will beat SF, NO or GB for the Superbowl? They aren't disciplined enough to win the Super Bowl. They still get stupid penalties, and you can't blame that on the officials. I am glad they are at least in the playoffs, but Super Bowl, man you are dreaming.

  2. Of course I am dreaming. So is every fan of the Packers, Saints and 49ers. No fan should EXPECT their team to win. They only hope it will.

    As for the Lions, it is always easy to forget the good and remember the bad. Especially when it is recent. The Lions had their worst defensive performance. They had their best defensive performance the week before against the Chargers. They were great in the first half of the first Packers match. If we play that kind of defense, they can beat ANYONE! If they play defense like Sunday, they will lose to ANYONE!

    But the Lions defense is not the one you saw Sunday and it is likely not the one we saw against the Chargers. It is somewhere in the middle. That middle of the road defense would have been good enough to win this week. Even if Rodgers was in.

    The Lions offense can match up with any team out there. The question will be which defense shows up. I prefer to believe we got the worst case scenario out of the way.

  3. Also, dont forget the Packers only scored 14 points in their loss to KC. Should they believe their offense sucks because of that one terrible performance against a defense the Lions scored 48 on?

    No matter how good a team is, they can have games where they just cant seem to get it together and look horrible. The Lions had that Sunday. They played below their abilities. Take that game for what it is. A terrible performance. Dont accept that they are simply that bad because they looked that bad in one game.