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In the past, I tried to do too much with this site with way too little time. Yet, I have been feeling a need to write about the Lions lately. So I have decided to change the Detroit Lions Observer to a few basic things. Writing articles when I feel a need to, keeping track of their wins and losses, and I am still deciding if I will go through and update Ndamukong Suh's Sack List.
Ndamukong Suh's Sack List
Keep track of which quarterbacks Suh has faced and which ones he has taken down.

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Detroit Lions Upcoming 2011 Draft

Only four days until the 2011 NFL Draft and for the first time in a while, NOBODY knows what the Detroit Lions are planning to do. In 2010, most of us had a good idea they would draft NDamukong Suh and thank God, they did. The year before that, it was widely expected they would draft Matthew Stafford with their first pick. This year? Your guess is as good as mine and mines as good as any NFL expert out there.

Ask most fans and they will tell you they hope the Lions can draft CB Prince Amukamara. He has the talent to be a shut down corner who is big enough to bump and run and the Lions desperately need to improve their cornerback position. However, as much as it would be the perfect pick, it likely will not happen. It would surprise me if he got past the 49ers and then there are a couple other teams that could use him after that.

If the Lions want a shut down corner, they have what essentially comes down to two choices. 1) They can package a couple picks with their 1st round pick and try to move up to 6th to get Amukamara before San Fransisco does. 2) The more likely scenario, is the Lions can take a chance and draft troubled cornerback, Jimmy Smith.

The media has had a field day with Smith lately. He has had run ins with the law for drinking under age and failed either one or four drug tests (depending on which report you read). Definitely does not sound like a player you want to take a chance on in the first round. But some things are not always black and white. Whatever Smith's problems were, they happened early on. He has said he was young and stupid and needed to grow up. The fact that he has not had any red flags in the last two years only lends his statements credit.

Personally, I don't care what he has done in the past. Whether it was drinking, pot, meth, robbery or grand theft auto, as long as it stays in the past, I am fine. It is not what a man has done in the past that matters, but who he is now that counts. Jimmy Smith has the size, speed and talent to be a shut down corner in the NFL. He would make an immediate impact on the Lions. He is ranked a top-10 pick if not for the problems in his past. So if he has cleaned up his act, the Lions should absolutely draft him with the 13th pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

Consider this. If the Lions pass up on him.... The Lions are an up and coming team. They ended the 2010 season with a four game winning streak. If they continue to show they can win, the Lions may be years before they get a pick in the first half of the first round again. With that in mind, ask yourself one thing. How long will it be before the Lions get another chance at a shut down corner again? This could be their last chance for years to come and they need to get him while they can. The Lions absolutely should either trade up and get the Prince, or sit tight and take Jimmy Smith.

It will be easier in the future to get a top linebacker in the later part of the first round than it will be to get a shut down corner.


Lions Review 2010 - Defensive Backs

Cornerbacks and Safeties are possibly the one position on the Detroit Lions that is worse off than linebackers. Like the linebacker, it is of utmost importance to address this position before the new season. If there is one.

CB-Alphonso Smith:
He is only going into his third season, but as of now he is a question mark. Smith started off the 2010 season like gangbusters and quickly became a fan favorite. He was among the leaders in the NFL for interceptions for the first half of the season. He had the nerve to take chances and go after the big play and it paid off. Then he played against Tom Brady and was burnt several times. He had his worst game as a pro and never seemed to recover during the remainder of the year. If he can return to form and play like he did the first half, he is a viable starter.

CB-Chris Houston:
Once the new CBA is in effect, it is expected that Houston will become an unrestricted free-agent. The Lions have every intention on bringing him back. He also had off season shoulder surgery but should be healthy before the new season. Houston is likely a 50-50 chance of being on the Lions at this time, but it doesn't make a real big difference. He is not a true starter and would only add depth…. If Cornerback is addressed. If not, then he will start.

S-Louis Delmas:
Right now he is the only true up and coming star worthy player on the Lions defensive backfield. As a rookie he opened eyes and raise eyebrows. Last year the fans seemed to believe he wasn't playing as well. I disagree. I saw him make his usual flying missile tackles in the backfield. He played solid. He simply didn't have the picks he had the year before. He is good and still young enough to get better.

S-Amari Spievey:
A rookie in 2010, Spievey was drafted as a cornerback and changed into a safety. At times he looked to be picking it up but most of the time he didn't look so good. Too often he took bad angles, found himself out of position and most distressing of them all, he was not tackling very well. Known for his tackling, Spievey started trying to hit and not tackle. It is a disease that runs in the Lions secondary. Players tend to lower shoulders and hit a ball carrier and not wrap them up. Too often it leads to the ball carrier simply bouncing away and continuing to run. If Spievey is going to continue to be a starting safety, he will have to learn to wrap up and finish the tackles.

2011 Outlook:
If the Lions can add one true starting cornerback, it would help their defense immensely and immediately. There is a lot of talk about the Lions drafting a defensive end in the first round, but a cornerback would make a much bigger impact.