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Ndamukong Suh's Sack List
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A Joke for Detroit No1

No... Seriously, this is a joke. That wasn't a sarcastic title.....

A man is walking through down town Detroit when he is mugged and killed. Not having led a very good life, he finds himself standing in a cavern of flames and realizes he had gone to hell. Suddenly Satan appears before him.

"Pretty hot here huh?" Satan asks with an evil grin.

The Detroit man shrugs his shoulders a bit. "I'm from Detroit. Our summers get pretty hot sometimes."

Satan disappears then and goes and turns up the heat. He re-appears before the man. "How's that? Pretty hot now huh?"

Again, the man shrugs his shoulders. "As I said, I am from Detroit. Gets pretty hot in Detroit."

Satan gets a little frustrated and in a blink he is gone and this time he cranks the heat up as hot as it will go, then he goes back to the man.

"Now it's hot huh?" Satan asks the man.

The fellow stands there sweating, but to Satan's surprise he once again shrugs his shoulders. "This is pretty hot, but like I said, it gets hot in Detroit in mid summer. I can handle it."

Satan disappears again and this time he is furious. "So he can handle the heat can he? Let's see how he handles the cold." And he cranks the temperature all the way down.

When Satan gets back to the Detroiter, there is ice and snow piling up around the fellow, but to Satan's surprise, the man is ecstatic. He is jumping around laughing and shouting for joy.

"What the hell is this?" Satan asks. "How can you be so happy about how cold this is?"

The man is just going nuts and he grabs Satan by the shoulders and yells at him. "Look around you man! The Lions won the Superbowl! The Lions won the Superbowl!"

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