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Lions Lose to Bears in Week-4

In the last three games, there is a glaring problem with the Detroit Lions. The second half!

Since scoring 17 points in the third quarter of the first game in New Orleans, the Lions have yet to score another point in that quarter. In the mean time their opponents have scored a combined 30 points in the third quarter.

The fourth quarter is nearly as bad as the Lions have only scored 10 points in the fourth of their last three games. All field goals!

The Lions have not scored a touchdown in the second half since their first game of the season. They have given up seven.

The Lions went into the half time break with a 21 to 21 tie against the Bears in Chicago. That alone should have had them coming out with the momentum. They gave that momentum away on the first play of the second half as Johnny Knox of the Bears ran the kick-off back 102 yards for a touchdown.

The Lions answered the TD with a three and out and then allowed the Bears a field goal. The Lions only score in the second half was a single field goal while giving up 27 points. After entering the second half with a 21 to 21 tie, the Lions ended up being blown out 48 - 24.

For the most part, Matthew StafFORD looked pretty good as he completed 24 of 36 passes for 296 yards and a TD. Yet again however, StafFORD looked like the rookie he was as he threw a terrible interception and fumbled the ball away once. The interception came when he was being dragged down and rather than take the sack, he threw the ball as he was falling backwards and right into the brisket of Chicago's Defensive Tackle, Tommie Harris.

In the fourth quarter StafFORD left the game with a leg injury but there was really no hope of Daunte Culpepper doing much at that point. To expect Culpepper to come into the defensive pressure Chicago came with when the Lions were so far down and him not having his timing with the receivers anymore? There just was no hope.

In the first half I paid close attention to the Blitz package the Lions came with. I counted 8 blitzes in the first half. Only twice did they give up positive yardage during a blitz and neither were more than five yards. Two of the blitzes resulted in sacks.

While not blitzing in the first half, the Bears had several long gains from both run plays and passing plays and the Lions never recorded a sack.

The Lions are now 1-3 and face the Steelers at home next week, followed by the Packers in Green Bay. In all probability they will enter their bye-week with a 1-5 record. I don't expect them to win either of those games but I do hope they can show some improvement in their second half play.

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