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Lions Preseason Week-2 in 2010

The Detroit Lions beat the Denver Broncos 25 - 20 in their second preseason game of the 2010 season. The win came from an unexpected source. With 3:19 left to play, Drew Stanton ran a quarterback draw and took the ball 25 yards for a touchdown.

This was the game I was looking to for the first real test for the new defensive line and they did not disappoint. With the Lions up, 3-0, Denver drove down to the Lions 26 yard line before Dre Bly intercepted a pass and returned it to the Denver 27 yard line. Though the Broncos were driving down the field, they should have gone three and out to start the drive. On 3rd and 6 at their own 24 yard line, Orton completed a pass for no gain and what should have been a punt coming up turned into another 3rd down try because of a Denver illegal formation penalty. Again, Orton's pass only made it to their 24 yard line again, but this time Vanden Bosch hit a pile too late and got a personal foul and gave the Broncos a 1st down. Then on another 3rd down attempt, an incomplete pass turned into a 1st down on a pass interference call on Chris Houston.

The Lions starting defense blanked the Broncos starting offense out until the 2nd quarter when they gave up a touchdown, making the score 13 - 7 and cutting the Lions lead to 6 points.

Ndamukong Suh looked good once again though his stats don't show it. Again, he was double teamed constantly and still managed to force the running back to change course and knocked down one pass. Kyle Orton was feeling pressure during much of his time on the field.

Stafford once again looked good, but still shows some lack of accuracy at times. There were passes that receivers had to reach behind them to haul in as well as his misses. But in the end, he still completed 13 of 18 attempts and had a touchdown with no interceptions.

All in all, the Lions are looking impressive in the preseason. They are giving fans a lot to get excited about. I want to warn you to back off of that excitement a little. Don't let yourself get too caught up in a team that is looking good in the preseason. After all, it is just that. Meaningless preseason games where teams are not game planning to beat an opponent but to test players in situations. .... But the fact is, how can I tell you not to get excited when I am getting excited myself?

I still am only calling 6 wins at this time, but the more I watch Stafford control the offense, Best turn on speed and change directions and the D-line attack the quarterback, the more I am starting to believe they can do better.

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