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Lions Preseason Week-3 in 2010

Sorry for the late posting. It has been a hard week and since I don't make any money writing, working on getting a new career has to come first. In this economy, I am sure many Detroit Lions fans can understand this.

On their way to a 35 - 27 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Saturday, the Lions gave the fans some mixed feelings. I will try to touch on them and give my unprofessional opinions.

The Browns offense came out with quick passes, leaving the Lions new Defensive line useless. The Browns continuously moved the ball and gained 26 first downs, most of which were against the starters. Many fans are very concerned about the Lions defensive backs as they could not seem to cover at all. Though there is reason to be concerned, I would not be overly worried yet. I definitely would not panic yet. Though it can be hard to do, it is important to remember that this was indeed just a preseason game. For one, if this was a real game, and the Lions defensive line could not put pressure on the opposing quarterback, I am sure they would have run more stunts or blitzed more. However, the Lions did neither very much at all. The defensive line ran a straight up, beat your man, type of scheme all night. Secondly, the whole defensive back unit was not as bad as it might seem. Particularly, it was one player who was horrible. Eric King.

For two weeks in a row, opposing QBs have picked on King and I am expecting them to do so in the 4th game as well. If there is one thing everyone can agree on about King, it is that he can run with the receivers. He does not get beat very often. His problem is that he just cannot seem to figure out how to play the ball as well. Every time his receiver catches a pass, King is right there, but he is always turned away from the ball. He never knows the ball is coming until its too late. I think Schwartz sees this and is giving him every opportunity to get things figured out. You can teach a player to play the ball and adjust to the ball. You cannot teach him the speed and quickness it takes to stick to a receivers hip. IF King can figure out how to play the ball, he can be a very good cornerback. If he cannot, Schwartz will cut him. But until he has no other choice, Schwartz will give King every chance to figure it out. If King cannot figure things out in the next game, I would expect him to be cut and Dre Bly to be the starter.

Jahvid Best only played a few downs before he left with tightness. Don't worry! In the short time he played, he caught a pass and ran a hand off for 51 yards. If he really did feel some tightness, it was minor and knowing he is a star in the making, Schwartz was not going to take ANY chance it could get worse if he continued. There is even a chance that Schwartz decided he showed enough and made up the tightness excuse to remove him from the game. In the preseason, nobody ever knows.

Everyone seems to be talking about Suh's aggressiveness. After breaking through the line and pressuring Delhomme, Suh grabbed him from around the head, wrapped his arms around his mid section and lifted him up before whipping him to the ground. After Delhomme already threw the ball. Some say he should be fined. Some people say he should be suspended. Still others say he should have gotten the penalty he got and nothing more. The fact is, whether we like the rules protecting the quarterbacks or not, they are still there and enforced. For that reason, I would say Suh rightfully has a fine coming to him. As for a suspension, since Delhomme was not injured, or even shaken up, and it is a first time offense, I would not expect anything more than the fine.

I have heard some people say that Suh is dirty for that. The guy is not considered a dirty player. He is a rookie and got frustrated when he finally got his hands on the QB and failed to get a sack. he will likely be fined, and he is intelligent enough to learn from that. If he continues to do these things, then you might have a reason to think him a dirty player. For now it was one play he got carried away on.

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