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Pansy Football by the NFL is Rubbing Off on Commentators and Fans

Every time I read an article about whether Ndamukong Suh, the Detroit Lions superstar defensive tackle, is a dirty player or not, my stomach turns over. Suh shoves a quarterback down from behind and he is not only penalized but fined. Suh tackles a player by his dreadlocks (which is legal), he gets a 15 yard flag. Suh wraps his arms around a quarterback and takes him to the ground and he is fined $20,000! Suh shoves a player away from a teammate when that player is yanking his teammate's face mask? Commentators say he should be fined.

My God, when did the NFL start expecting their players to wear skirts!

What makes me even more sad, is that even some of the fans are now getting in line with the pansy ways!

After the articles on this subject, I often read what fans have to say in the comments. It literally shocks me how often they will agree that Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player. Some will say Suh is either stupid or selfish because he continues to play hard football when he has a target on his back.

If anyone thinks his hit on Dalton was dirty, please, go look at the video closely and then tell me just how it was dirty. If you really look at the video, you find that Suh is not the one who knocked the quarterback's helmet off. It was actually Cliff Avril's hand that comes in and knocks it off. You will find that Suh never even picked Dalton up off of his feet. He only twisted him down to the ground, with his arms wrapped around him. If you dont like that Suh tackled him after he threw the ball? Can you say for sure that Suh could see him throw the ball? I cant! I see the ball come away just as Suh is landing with his arms around the quarterback. He has every reason to still tackle him if he believes he has the ball.

The fact is, Suh is not even close to being a dirty player. He is a hard player. In fact, only once has Suh been fined or penalized on a play where I can understand why it was believed to be dirty. That was his first sack in his rookie pre-season on Jake Delhomme. Other than that one overly aggressive play, there has not been even one play by Ndamukong Suh that can honestly be said to be dirty if you look at the replay closely. I challenge anyone to show me another play that was actually dirty. And in all honesty, I could even argue that the Jake Delhomme was nowhere near as dirty as it is made out to be.

Suh is nothing more than a great player who plays hard every snap. Ndamukong Suh is the epitome of what an NFL player should be and instead of trying to make him wear a skirt, the NFL should be lifting him up. Use him to draw fans to the sport rather than cut him off and push fans a way. It is simply ridiculous that the NFL should expect Suh to not play hard and then not expect the same from all the other players.

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  1. Great post pro football is a man game. I don't know it change over to this pansy game we have now. The media and fans have to let theses guy do their own policing on the field of play. Too many bad call being made by ref's trying to keep a game clean that has aways been played hard and dirty. I want my old game back!!