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Lions vs Cowboys Pregame

The Detroit Lions are 3-0 for the first time in 31 years as they go into Texas to face the Dallas Cowboys who are 2-1. The Lions are underdogs in Vegas odds, but this is one game I would bet money on. (If I had the extra cash to bet.)

So far this season the Lions defense has shown only one weakness. Runs to the outside by fast running backs! Against the Chiefs, Charles had a big play when he ran to the outside. Bowe gained decent yards on an end around. In Minnesota, Peterson was beating us to the outside and Percy Harvy had a huge end around as well. In total the Lions have given up 118 yards on 4 certain plays to the outside. That is slightly more than 1/3 of the total rushing yards the Lions have allowed on the season. Did I mention the Cowboys do not have the real speedy running back that can win games sprinting to the outside?

In fact, the Cowboys are not much of a running team at all. They are the 5th worse running team in the NFL (one worse than even the Lions), but are the 3rd best passing team (one better than Detroit). This is actually playing into the strengths of the Detroit Lions. The Cowboys cannot run but can pass. The Lions are the 4th best against the pass.

The Cowboys offense should have a hard time moving the ball against the Lions defense, and being a pass oriented team, this could be a field day for Ndamukong suh and the Wrecking Crew. On the other hand, the Cowboys are only middle of the pack in stopping the pass and the Lions have one of the most explosive passing games in the NFL.

One intangible to worry about.... The Lions have fallen behind early to all three of their opponents this season. They cannot continue to start slow and expect to continue to come away with wins.

DET - 27
DAL - 13

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