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Lions and the Marijuana Incidents

Fairley, Culbreath, LeShoure! They have all been busted with the drug in recent weeks. LeShoure was arrested twice within a month. One has to wonder, are the Detroit Lions even checking their Draft Picks out?

I have heard it all in recent days. Some fans are upset about the situation. Others blow it off and some even say they don't think its bad that the players smoke pot. Let me assure you. It is bad and it is a problem that needs to be dealt with!

Whether you smoke it or not. Whether you think the drug is bad or not or if it should be legalized or not... the fact is, it is against NFL policy and players are in fact suspended for it! For that reason and that reason alone, it is important for players to "Just say no!"

Personally, I believe it shows a lack of intelligence for NFL players to get busted with pot. Here you are, making millions of dollars playing a sport that millions of fans only wish they could play professionally for a quarter the pay, and you cant stay away from smoking pot? I don't care if you are addicted to cocaine, if you have millions riding the line, check yourself in for help! But to take a chance on throwing it all away because you cant stay away from a drug as minor as pot? That is plain ole stupidity at its finest!

The Lions need to start doing their own drug tests and coming down hard on those who fail. Last year the world saw how undisciplined the Lions were on the field. Now they are seeing how undisciplined they are off the field. Now, more than ever, the Detroit Lions need to start laying down the law and get this team disciplined both on and off the field. Until they get that figured out, they will never be more than a middle of the road team.

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