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Lions Will Fix Last Years Mistake

In the 2011 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions drafted Nick Fairley, DT in the first round. Many fans loved it. I still say it was a mistake and this year they will rectify it.

The biggest mistake in the pick of Fairley, was to believe he would be an absolute beast. Rare it is that a player will come out and be a beast. Ndamukong Suh is a beast and possibly the best defensive tackle to come out in decades. He might end up being the best all time when all is said and done. But that is another discussion altogether. When Fairley was drafted, I even heard ramblings about him being nearly as good as Suh. Sorry, I will have to see that to believe it. He had one big year in college, the year after there was a mad rush of players leaving early to beat the rookie salary caps. So a player suddenly having a huge year against what in my opinion was some what watered down talent, is not going to be listed as a beast until he proves it in the NFL.

Yet, even if you think Fairley will be a beast when he stays healthy, it was still a mistake. The Lions had one of the top two or three defensive lines in the NFL before they drafted him. Adding him was adding depth, not making the unit a lot better. There was really good talent in other areas of need still available when they drafted. More precisely, at corner back. As much as the Lions needed to improve the CB spot, they chose to ignore it to draft a one year wonder to add depth to their strongest position.

This Thursday, on April 26th, the Detroit Lions will finally do what they should have done last year. Draft a Cornerback!

The one cornerback they could be drafting is one that will be adding controversy as well as a whole new slue of jokes. Janoris Jenkins. I can hear it now. "Mayhew gets draft advice from Fairley, LeShoure and Culbreath." or "Jenkins should feel right at home." But you know what? If he is available at the 23rd pick in the draft, the Lions will be making a mistake to pass him up.

Jenkins was listed in the same breath as Peterson (who was drafted 6th overall) before last years draft. He is the most talented corner back coming out in the draft this year, hands down!

I know. You have heard that he has had a heard of children with a handful of women. Magic Johnson claims to have slept with a hundred women and that didn't stop him from going down as one of the all time best players in history. As much as I am against the immorality of fathering children with different women, it makes no difference as to whether he will be a great player or not.

I know. He was caught with weed twice inside of three months and was kicked off the University of Florida Football team. If you look into it, you will also find out a few other facts. His father would not let him join the supplemental draft where he would have been an early pick. He gave him the choice of switching colleges, going the military, or driving a truck (which is what his father does). Oh yeah, for him to switch colleges, he would also have to do extensive community service.

Parents who make their kids face consequences for their actions usually do not raise trouble makers. Janoris did not fight with his father over the choices either. He accepted them. He did the community service and even grew to enjoy it. He did not get into any trouble in the following year and he played for a lower level school. His drug tests have come back clean. All of this is evidence of a young athlete who let stardom get to him and made some mistakes. He faced the consequences and all evidence shows he has been humbled and learned from his mistakes.

If Janoris Jenkins is there at #23 overall in Thursdays draft, and the Detroit Lions pass him up, it will be a big mistake. He will fit nearly every draft scheme. At that point, Jenkins will easily be the best talent left on the board, so the Lions will be allowed to draft BPA (Best Player Available), and he will also fill what is arguably the Lions biggest need as well.

If the Detroit Lions draft a Defensive End in the first round, they will continue to pile on to last years mistake. I dont expect this to happen. The Lions will take a Corner Back and that will possibly be Jenkins, and the mistake from the year before will be rectified.

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