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Lions Trade Ronald Curry

The Detroit Lions have traded Ronald Curry away to the St.Louis Rams before he ever played a down for them. In return, the Lions receive a Defensive Tackle, Orien Harris.

Last year was the 26 year old's first season and he played in 14 games. His 4 solo and 8 assisted tackles is not a lot to speak of. Yet, even with his lack of experience and production, this is a good trade for the Lions. They need some size in the middle of the defensive line and Harris is a 300-pounder.

This trade also clears up the Lions receiver position a little more. With Calvin Johnson obviously slated as the #1 receiver, it now looks as if Bryant Johnson will play the other side and Dennis Northcutt, whom the Lions got from the Jaguars will play the slot receiver. The only question remaining on the receiving corps is if the rookie Derrick Williams can break into the mix.

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