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Scattered Thoughts on the Lions

It is mid July and nothing is happening in the NFL. There is no news on the Lions that we dont already know. They are not practicing and the media does not bother with them. We are so close to the Detroit Lions season and still so far away. I hate this time of the year.

The Lions and I have completely different views on how the team should be handled. Every year they draft the opposite player of who I want them to draft. Every season their scheme is opposite of what I would like to see. I wanted to draft Quentin Jammer and they take Joey Harrington. I want Jason Smith and they draft Matthew Stafford. I want them to blitz a lot and they play panzy football. I wanted Scott Pioli to be the new GM and Ford retains Martin Mayhew. ...... I could look at this in one of two ways. 1) I really don't know anything about football that I am always wrong. 2) The Lions never listen to me and they ended up with a historical 0-16 season and a decade since their last winning season. Personally I prefer to believe in the latter.

Though there is a good chance Stafford will play this year and maybe even start the season, I still say they should hold him back a year. I still say the Detroit Lions should have drafted Jason Smith to boost their offensive line. Then they could have made a run to sign Michael Vick. Dog Fighting problems in his past or not, he is a proven star at the quarterback position and I would far prefer a proven star over any unproven rookie.

I do hope that finally this time the Lions coaches have enough courage to blitz a lot. Get in the QB's face enough and the QB makes mistakes. Any quarterback will. Even Manning and Brady and Favre.

I wish I could afford to go to a couple games this season rather than watch them all on tv. However, I will have a DVR this year and that is good for reviewing the game before I write my articles.

I miss Barry Sanders. We still lost a lot with him but at least he made the game exciting. Which by the way, proves that one man cannot carry an NFL team. If Barry couldn't carry the Lions to a Superbowl, nobody can!

The Detroit Lions have to win a Superbowl someday.... don't they?

The Lions need cheerleaders!

Who am I kidding? The Lions need a hell of a lot more than just Cheerleaders!

Can someone tell me again why the Lions did away with the Run-N-Shoot offense?

The new logo does look better. I would have liked to see a complete rework, but it still looks better than it did.

The Detroit Lions need to hire new people to design their clothing. As much as I love the Lions, I have never seen a Lions hat that I liked. There are very few jackets or shirts I feel look good. ..... Correction.... there is one Lions hat I do like. It is the hat I designed and had made.

Notice how it is a soft cap rather than the stiff cap that real ball players would never wear. The Lions symbol is small and on the classy side unlike the normal Lions hats where Bubbles the Lions covers three quarters of the hat or more. Also notice the hat itself is a regular denim color and not the Lions standard Honolulu blue. Don't get me wrong, I like the Honolulu blue, but just not on clothing. Its not a good color for clothing and definitely not good looking on hats.

If any of the Lions personnel department should happen to read this.... If you like the hat, I am in need of a job. If you wont let me direct the team, I can help design Lion paraphernalia.

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