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Detroit Lions most Important Game of 2009 - Minnesota?

The most important game of the Detroit Lions 2009 season will be played in week 2 on September 20th at home against Minnesota!

It has been one year, six months and sixteen days. That translates to 18 months and 16 days! That is 563 days we have now gone since seeing a Detroit Lions victory in a game that counts. And win or lose, I cannot wait until September 13th when the Lions play again. It will be another 72 days before that games gets here. That will make it 635 days at that point.

Then I look at the Detroit Lions 2009 schedule and what do I see? The first game of the regular season is against New Orleans. From reading the forums, I realize there are a lot of overly excited and optimistic fans who think the Lions will make it to the play-offs, but in all reality they likely wont do that. In fact I just don't see them beating the Saints. That means it could end up being 642 days between Detroit Lions victories!

Finally! Finally on September 20th the Lions play Minnesota at home. This is the first game of the 2009 season that I see the Lions actually being able to win. A full 642 days after their last victory, this is the first game I seeing them winning.

In both games against the Vikings in 2008, the Lions almost won. As bad as the Lions were, they were a near match for the Vikings in both games. The Lions are, on paper, a vastly improved team in 2009. They should be able to win this game. Pardon my french but, "They sure as hell better!" Because if they do not, it could be a long time coming.

Look at the Lions games following the week 2 game against Minnesota. At home against Washington, in Chicago, at home against the Steelers, in Green Bay and a Bye-week. That is another five weeks (35 days) plus another 7 days before they finally play the Rams at home on November 1st. That would make it possibly 684 days between Lions victories.

Now I understand that many fans would say the Lions can win any of those games. Yes they could, but in all honesty, the odds are against that. Washington has made a habit of pummelling the Lions ever since the first week of the 1991 season when they beat the Lions 45-0. The Lions notoriously play bad in both Chicago and in Green Bay. I doubt anyone thinks the Lions will beat the Steelers. As great as it would be to see a little revenge for the Red Wings loss to the Penguins, I doubt anyone truly believes the Lions are better than the Steelers. Lets face one fact that all of us have to agree on. The Lions cant win during a bye-week!

If the Lions lose to Minnesota, they risk a strong chance of starting the 2009 season off with an 0-6 record. The losing feelings will sink into them and make it that much harder to win against the Rams. The Lions do not need to make it any more difficult to get a win.

So mark your calenders folks. September 20th that stadium needs to be sold out with rowdy fans. We need to cheer the Lions on and hope they take some energy from the fans. Because if the Lions lose to Minnesota, it could easily be another 42 days before they get a win. And haven't we gone long enough all ready?

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