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Detroit Lions Pregame vs Minnesota

Believe it or not, the Detroit Lions actually have a chance to beat the Vikings. It is a small chance but there is the chance, if they play their cards right.

First of all is Adrian Peterson. Everyone knows you will only hold him down if your whole defense happens to have a great week. Everyone also knows the chances of that with the Lions are pretty slim. So Peterson is going to get his yards anyway. He will likely break off a couple long ones and score a couple of times. What the Lions cannot afford to do however, is let Brett Favre have his way with them.

If you can't stop the running game, it is imperative to at least stop the passing game. The only way the Lions can stop Favre is to get a lot of pressure on him. And yes that does mean the blitz! If the Lions can shut down Favre, then that leaves them with only one player to deal with on the Vikings offense and in my book, even if that player is Adrian Peterson, your chances are much higher for success than if both the running back and the quarterback have big days.

When the Lions have the ball, they need to be a little more imaginative. The Lions offense just is not good enough to play straight up front and beat their opponent. They need to put the Vikings defense back on its heels wondering what will come next. They need to use the screens to Kevin Smith (with blockers) more often to help Stafford out a little. A couple of different End Arounds and Reverses can go a long way to helping a struggling offense.

Another very important factor is the offensive line. They need to get off the ball and push the line of scrimmage forward this week. The Lions offensive line was absolutely dominated in week-1 and they cannot allow that to happen again. The problem is that the Lions are not powerful enough in the middle of the offensive line. This is why the Lions need to run through the tackles and not the center and guards. Dominic Raiola, though he is pretty good in pass protection, just doesn't have the strength to get a push up the middle.

Most important this week is that Matt Stafford needs to play like a starter. Schwartz named him the starter because he was supposed to be ready and give the Lions a better chance to succeed. Personally I do not believe this but that is neither here nor there. He is the starter and now he needs to show he can do it. He cannot continue to throw into triple coverage as he did in week-1.

The final thing the Lions need to do to have a chance to beat the Vikings, is to feed some Nitrous Oxide into the visitors locker room. I said it was a slim chance they could win!

Vikings 34 - Lions 20

Stafford will only throw one interception this week.

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