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Lions vs Redskins - Pregame Week-3

Against the Vikings, the Lions showed some defensive improvement, but it was not enough to warrant any hopes of the Lions beating the Redskins in the third week. At 0-2, I see no reason to think the Lions will not just continue to add to the second number of that record.

Many would argue that StafFORD is bound to break out with a decent game sooner or later. The Redskins are not having a real good start to the season. This would seem an opportunity for the Lions to break into the win column. I say to stop and consider it before you think that.

In the first two games, StafFORD has not had a lot of pressure. Only being sacked three times in the first two games, he is on pace for only 24 sacks for the season. Yet the rookie has played like he had players in his face every down. Now he faces the Washington Redskins with Albert Haynesworth in the middle. The Lions are ill equipped to handle a dominant defensive tackle and I would expect StafFORD to finally get a taste of real NFL pressure. With added pressure on him, it can only be expected to see the rookie make more mistakes, so another two interceptions is not that much of a reach.

The Lions best hope of beating the Redskins is with their defense. They need to stop Clinton Portis and pressure Jason Campbell. This week, it is paramount that the Lions put aside their timid defensive scheme and blitz, a lot! Their biggest hope for a win is to force some turnovers and give StafFORD a short field to work with.

Until Gunther Cunningham stands up and shows us the aggressive scheme he has touted, I cannot believe he will. I believe that he might want to but William Clay Ford reins him in as he has done with the last half dozen defensive coordinators. Until Cunningham brings the blitz more than a couple times in a half, I have to believe the Lions will continue to play a timid defensive scheme. As long as they do that, they will have no hope of stopping offenses.

Washington Redskins 17
Detroit Lions 9

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