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Detroit Lions Win!!!!

If you haven't heard about it on the radio or television, you read this right. The Detroit Lions beat the Washington Redskins 19 to 14.

After two games of looking abysmal, Mattew StafFORD looked like he was making progress. Completing 21 of his 36 passes, StafFORD threw for 241 yards, one touchdown and zero interceptions. There were still times he was not playing very well, but he did not give up the ball and he made some good passes as well.

With Ernie Simms out, DeAndre Levy started at linebacker in his place and had a good game. Levy made on great play where he stopped a 4th and one attempt by the Redskins to give the ball back to the Lions.

The fans are happy because their Lions have snapped the horror story of a losing streak. After nineteen straight losses, the Lions finally won.

The Coaches and Players are happy for many of them got their first win as a Lion. They will no longer have to hear the media asking questions about the losing streak.

The fact is though, the Lions won but they are still far from being a good team. We need to hope they can continue to grow and progress until they are a good team.

However, for now we can relax. We can smile and enjoy the week. The Lions have won and we should enjoy it for all we can. The Lions have won!

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