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Don't Lose Hope in Lions Just Yet

After two losses in two games, it is hard to have faith in the Lions. After seeing Matthew Stafford injured yet again, it is hard to see an upside. After watching Linehan's play calling the last two weeks it is near impossible to have hope. But don't give up just yet.

Jahvid Best looks like this years Chris Johnson so far. Of the Lions 6 touchdowns on the year, Jahvid Best has 5 of them. His speed and ability to catch the ball out of the back field has made him a threat at any time from anywhere on the field.

The Lions defensive line has been everything we hoped it would be and then some. Detroit is tied with Green Bay on Defense with 10 sacks each. Of the Lions ten sacks, 9 of them have come from defensive linemen.

In their first two games so far this season, the Lions came back from behind and would have won the first game if not for a ridiculous call by the officials and they lost by only 3 points last week. So far this season they have not been man handled as we are so used to seeing.

Lions could be 2-0 right now if any of the following had been different....
1) Questionable calls by officials. The incompletion that was a TD in week 1 and a shoving off by an Eagle receiver that was not called in week 2.
2) Matthew Stafford had staid healthy.
3) Linehan could call plays more like he did in the preseason rather than referring to a playbook he dragged out from the 1940's.

The fact is, even though the Lions are 0-2, they are also still a very improved team from the year before. They are extremely improved over two seasons ago. As long as the Lions continue to grow and improve with each season, the fans have a reason to hope. With continuous improvement will come a play-off caliber team some day. It is the law of physics. You just cannot continue to get better without someday becoming good.

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