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Ndamukong Suh's Sack List
Keep track of which quarterbacks Suh has faced and which ones he has taken down.

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Ndamukong Suh Off To Good Start

In 2009, Kevin Williams of the Vikings along with two others tied for the most sacks by Defensive Tackles. They had six sacks each for the season. Ndamukong Suh has two sacks in his first two games.

Kyle Williams of the Buffalo Bills lead the position in tackles with 66 total tackles. After 2 games in 2010, only Kyle Williams has more tackles (10) in the position. Suh is tied with 3 others with 9 tackles.

I understand there is still a lot of season to go, but for the fun of it, if you adjust Suh's stats for 16 games, he would have 72 tackles and 16 sacks. Those are some pretty gaudy numbers for a defensive tackle in the NFL. Extremely gaudy for a rookie!

It is important however, to put this young season in perspective. Neither, Chicago nor Philadelphia have strong offensive lines. So it is highly unlikely that Suh can keep these numbers up for the season. It is more than likely that at one point he will face an extended streak of games when he does not register a sack. Other than facing some much better offensive lines, there may be times when offensive coordinators will plan to double team Suh for an entire game. This shouldn't happen too often however.

Across the entire defensive line, the Lions have 5 different players with sacks and combine for a total of 8 sacks. That means the defensive line alone is averaging 4 sacks a game. So if an offensive coordinator double teams Suh, that will only open up Corey Williams, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Sammie Hill or Turk McBride. Even the best offensive lines will have their hands full against the Detroit Lions Defensive line.

It only makes sense that Suh will not continue to get sacks every game, however, he is definitely off to a strong start and showing why he was worth drafting first overall.

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