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Ndamukong Suh's Sack List
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A Look at Shaun Hill

The Lions starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford, is injured and now all eyes will turn to the back-up Shaun Hill. Many fans may feel the Lions season is over so long as Stafford is not playing, but don't be too sure.

Shaun Hill is in his 9th season in the NFL, but he did not have a pass attempt in his first five. If you were to put his entire career together, it would add up to about one full season as a starter. These are his statistics in the NFL.

541 ATT, 331 COMP, 61.2%, 3578 Yards, 23 TDs and 12 INT, for an 85.6 Rating. Hill is 10-6 as a starter.

All things considered, that is not a bad line of stats for one season's worth of playing and Detroit now has better talent than he had around him in San Francisco. I'm not saying that we can expect Hill to be what we were hoping Stafford would become, but there is a chance he can be much better than we expect.

You may be looking at how Hill looked in week-1, as he was not able to move the offense until the Bears went into prevent mode on that last drive. Keep in mind however, that this week, Hill will be working with the first team and getting almost all of the snaps during practices. Hopefully Linehan will have a little more imaginative game plan as well.

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