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Lions Fans Have a Special Christmas this Year

Its been three long years since the Lions have won a road game. It has been three years since the Lions have won back to back weeks. It has also been three long years since the Lions fans have been able to enjoy Christmas after a Detroit Lions victory rather than a loss.

Here we are on Christmas Eve and feeling good as Lions fans. We have stopped the road loss streak, won back to back games, and there is even talk about the possibilities of the Lions ending the 2010 season with a four game winning streak.

It makes for a special Christmas to know the Lions are figuring out how to win games. To know they are doing so while using their third string quarterback, Drew Stanton, and third string running back, Maurice Morris. It makes one wonder what will be in store next season if Matthew Stafford and Jahvid Best can both be at full strength.

For my own personal self, this will be a very special Christmas. A week into December, my wife and I had a mere $150 in our bank account and still had not paid rent. I had a brother I was confident would loan us the money (he has that kind of honor about him to care for family), but I could not find it in me to ask him if I had no way of paying him back. Since I had been out of work since 2008, I just did not see any chance of it.

My wife was having such a hard time with it, that she applied for a small limit credit card, only in hopes of buying her kids some Christmas gifts.

I was praying harder than I have prayed in years. Not for myself, but because I have a family to care for. I asked for others to pray as well. My mother sent out prayer requests.

On the 9th of December I got up in the morning and sat down at my computer. As always, the first thing I do is open my e-mail and hope there will be some kind of reply to one of the many jobs I have applied for. There was nothing. Noticing I had a lot of junk mail building up, I opened the folder to clean it out. I clicked on the "select all" and was just about to hit delete when my eyes fell on a name that looked familiar. The subject was "Possible Opportunity". Still sounded like junk mail to me, but the name was someone I had worked with in the past, though I wasn't sure of the spelling. So I decided it hurts nothing to look.

It was the person I knew from the last engineering company I worked for, over two years earlier. I knew the company was bought out and struggling, so I never bother sending my resume to them. A couple of the guys I worked with who are still there, saw my facebook posting and mentioned me to the manager. He e-mailed me and I started that Monday. A few days later, my wife received that credit card.

Yesterday I received my first check (with overtime), and today we are doing some last minute Christmas shopping.

We were to a place where we were going to face eviction from our apartment, no money to buy any gifts much less pay late bills and absolutely no hope for the future. All we had left was our faith in God, and that I will admit was very limited. Today we have relief with seeing hope for the future, we are getting a few gifts for her kids, paid rent (Thanks to my brother) and just all around much happier.

Some might say it was coincidence. Some may believe whatever they want. If you were here and saw how it all happened, there is no doubt in our eyes that God waited until we could not deny it was him coming through for us. And I will be having one of my happier Christmas's ever.

Putting the recent good things with the Lions on top of that only makes it that much better.

To all the Lions fans out there, and to anyone else who might read this post. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and please, please keep your faith.

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