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Lions Lose Another Close One Against Chicago

With just over nine minutes left in the game, the Detroit Lions held a 20 - 17 lead over the Chicago Bears. They were giving up a long drive to Chicago, but the Lions were still playing with passion. Then the refs once again pulled the old screw over the Lions gig and made up a penalty that was never committed to send the Lions team reeling, to eventually lose 24-20.

With 9:06 left in the game, and the Lions trying to hold onto a lead, Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler felt the pressure and tucked the ball down and ran with it. He was clearly past the line of scrimmage, making him fair game to be tackled so long as he didn't slide feet first. Ndamukong Suh made chase and ran him down from behind and gave Cutler a two handed shove to the ground. Granted, it was a hard shove, but it was a legal hit as he hit him with open palms to the back of the shoulder pads and shoved him forward to the ground. The refs however, called unsportsmanlike conduct, saying Suh hit Cutler with a forearm to the back of the helmet. So instead of having 2nd and 2 yards to go at the Lions 14 yard line, the Bears had a 1st and goal at the Lions 7 yard line.

Before that ridiculous penalty, the Lions were giving up yards, but they were still playing with aggression. After that penalty it was as if all wind left their sails and the next play resulted in the Bears go ahead and game winning touchdown. It seems as if ever game has one really bad call by the refs that replay reveals never happened. The bad calls always seem to come at critical times for the Lions.

Still it was not the screw job by the refs that cost the Lions this victory. It was the Lions coaches inability to adapt.

After three quarters of football, the Lions had a 20-17 lead and had only allowed 199 total yards of offense to the Bears. Then the Bears made some adjustments and began throwing quick slants, mostly to Earl Bennett. In only two drives in the fourth quarter, the Bears amassed 108 yards, scoring a touchdown in the first drive and running the clock out in the 2nd drive. The Lions however had a total of 4 yards in the entire 4th quarter.

Once again, the Lions opponents made adjustments and the Lions had no answers. Once again, there were no apparent adjustments made by the Lions coaches.

Most of the Lions fan-base expected a loss this week. Most believed it would be because the Lions third string quarterback, Drew Stanton was under center. But the loss is to be laid at the feet of the lack of adjustments and in game coaching rather than Drew Stanton.

Stanton completed 66.7% of his passes while going 16 of 28, for 178 yards. He threw one touchdown and did not turn over the ball. Stanton also ran the ball in for another touchdown. Though his yards were not a lot, he had a very solid game and one that far outdid most fans expectations. He showed poise in the pocket while under pressure and most of his throws were on target and on time. Without a doubt, Stanton played well enough to deserve another game under center while Stafford and Hill heal up.

After taking a week off, Jahvid Best was back in action and finally began to look more like his real self. Best had nine carries for 65 yards, one of which was a 45 yard scramble late in the first half.

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