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Lions vs Packers Pregame Week-14

The Packers will face the Lions here in Detroit this time and both teams have a point to make. The Packers will want to prove that the Lions not as good as they looked when they gave the Packers a run for their money in Green Bay. The Lions want to show that they almost beat the Packers for a good reason and that can only be proven with a win.

Aaron Rodgers has shown the NFL that he is one of the top quarterbacks again this season and is in the top-5 of quarterbacks in Yards, Touchdowns and QB Rating. Rodgers is third in the NFL with an 8.1 yard average per attempt. The question then, is how will the Lions counter this?

As usual the Detroit Lions will come after the opposing quarterback with their great defensive line, but how long will that last? When will the Wrecking Crew grow too tired to put any real pressure on Rodgers? Will it be in the third quarter or fourth? Will Gunther give them help and start blitzing more late in the game, or will he do what he usually does and leave them fending for themselves? Without help from the blitz late in games, the Lions defensive line often grows too tired to get to the quarterback and this only allows that QB to relax in the pocket as he waits for plays to develop. The Lions back seven on defense simply is not good enough to cover for any length of time.

As much as pressuring Rodgers is a key to the game, there is one that is even more important. How will that Lions use Drew Stanton this week? Will he continue to dink and dunk and never throw down field? If so, the Lions are in real trouble. The Packers defense will play in tight, cheat on the line of scrimmage and take away more running room as well as receivers routes. Drives will stall out quicker and the Lions defensive line will be on the field too much, growing tired to quickly.

Maurice Morris and Jahvid Best looked as good as any Lions running backs have this year. Can they improve on last weeks play? Or was that a fluke, where they will revert back to the dismal production of the ten games prior to that?

Quite frankly, there are not too many who give the Lions even a remote chance of beating the Packers this week. I am one of the few and believe me, I only give them a remote chance at best. In the end, I expect more conservative play calling by both coordinators, the usual weekly screw job by the refs and an upset from eating too much while watching the game.

G.B. = 34
Det. = 27

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