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2011 Detroit Lions Football is Alive!!!

The lockout is over and it is now official, the Detroit Lions will open their 2011 training camp on Thursday, July 28th.

We can all rest easy now right? Hell no! This is in no way the time to rest easy. This is when the fans can finally begin to get excited. The Lions will play a full season. Things may be starting a little later than usual, but so what! After all, it is only preseason that will be rushed.

Starting at 10:01 AM Tuesday, the Detroit Lions can begin signing their rookies as well as negotiating with free agents, but they will not be allowed to sign free agents quite yet.

On Thursday at 4:01 PM, the Detroit Lions can begin releasing veteran players.

On Friday at 6:01 PM, the Lions can begin renegotiating contracts with their veterans. More importantly, they can then, begin signing unrestricted free agents.

Finally, starting on Friday evening, we can start hoping to here news on who the Lions go after and sign. Will it be the linebacker, Stephen Tulloch or will it be CB, Johnathan Joseph? Could they possibly get Nnamdi Asomugha, the super star corner back from Oakland?

All of the Detroit Lions fans as well as many experts will be watching to news wire, waiting to hear news of who the Lions sign as well as which players are signed by other teams. That is important because it will help us keep track of who else the Lions can still get.

For right now, it doesn't matter.It wont matter until Friday evening after 6:01. But for now? I for one, am willing to simply be happy, because the Lions are going to have a season. I will not go without Detroit Lions Football.

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