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Lions Fans Shouldn't Count on Tulloch

With the great hope of the NFL Lockout ending this week, there are a lot of fans thinking about which free agents the Lions will get. One of the most popular picks is LB - Stephen Tulloch. Don't count on him coming to Detroit though.

There is no debate he is a good linebacker. There is no question that he can make an immediate upgrade to the Lions defense. There is no doubt he will be considered. I do however, doubt very much that the Detroit Lions will sign him.

I know. I have heard all the hoopla about how there is already a connection with Schwartz, but that is not enough. If the Lions were to sign Tulloch, they would then have to move DeAndre Levy back to the outside linebacker spot. I simply do not believe the Lions want to do that. Levy started out playing on the outside, then he moved to the inside when Larry Foote got injured. Levy played so well inside that by seasons end, he was making all of the defensive calls... as a rookie! To move him back outside would hamper his own growth.

The Lions are happy with Levy playing inside. They like his quickness as well as his intelligence. They would rather look to other linebackers who can come in and play the outside and not move Levy. If they cannot find someone and Tulloch becomes their only real option? Then they will go after him hard, but their first options will likely be to keep Levy inside.

Another consideration is the fact that, believe it or not, the Lions are hurting more at Cornerback than they are at Linebacker. In the Lions last four games last year, Bobby Carpenter and Ashlee Palmer actually played quite well. Palmer is only 25 years old and Carpenter is only 28. They are not great by any means, but with consistent playing time, they both can still improve. On the other hand, cornerback was not a good position last year. The Lions best CB may be lost to free agency this year, so the Lions could easily be going into the new season pretty much desolated at the position.

I would completely expect the Lions to make signing a good cornerback their highest priority. If they can get a good CB, and a good linebacker that would be great, but you don't go into the free-agency expecting to sign anyone you go after. Too many other teams will be try as well. So their first priority should be a good Cornerback. From there they will move onto a good linebacker, but likely it will be too late by then to get Tulloch.

Keep in mind that this year, the free agency period will not be like years past. With the lengthy lockout, free agency will be more of a quick hit sniper attack. Teams will not be able to spend too much time talking to players as they will already be getting ready for training camp to open. Teams will go after players with hard offers and try to get them signed as quickly as possible. They will have to make a list of their top choices and go for them first and hard. Hopefully they will get one, if not, they likely will not have a chance at others.

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