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Lions vs Chiefs Pregame - Wk2

The Lions opened the 2011 season with a victory on the road in Tampa Bay. It was the perfect test to start the season. Now the Lions come home to Detroit to face the Kansas City Chiefs. In its own way, this is just as big of a test for the Lions, but this week is not about if they can win or not, but just how complete of a win it will be.

The simple fact is, the Kansas City Chiefs are not a good football team. Yes I know all about them winning ten games and going to the play-offs in 2010. Believe me, that 10-6 record of theirs last year was one of the most deceiving records in modern day sports.

In 2010, the Chiefs played a total of 3 games against opponents with winning records. Of those three games, they only won one of those and that was at the expense of the Chargers in the first week of the season. In the first week, it is possible for any team to beat any team because many teams need to adjust to the speed of the regular season and often are still hashing out problems. The next time the Chiefs faced the Chargers, San Diego took it to them 31-0. Literally shut them out! In the three games against opponents with winning records, the Chiefs were out scored 64 - 30.

This season the Kansas City Chiefs do not come to Detroit as an improved NFL team. In fact they have already lost Safety Eric Berry and TE, Tony Moeaki. Both very good players. The loss of Berry will hurt them the most as it is a great blow to their pass defense and plays right into the Lions strong suit.

Including the last four games of 2010, the Detroit Lions are now on a 5 game winning streak. They have taken steps forward to become one of the better teams in the NFL. There are still plenty who do not rank the Lions so high, but they can give no concrete evidence that they are not one of the better teams.

Stafford is good enough to be one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL if he stays healthy. The Lions receivers are as good as any teams out there. They have the best Tight Ends in the NFL. The best defensive line hands down. The Lions now have a top ten and possibly top 5 crew of linebackers. The way Amari Spievey is playing alongside Delmas, they may be the best Safety tandem. Their offensive line may be questionable when it comes to run blocking, but only three teams protected their quarterbacks better in 2010. The only two positions where the Lions are possibly lacking is at corner back and running back. I believe with the defense around them, the CBs will have a fine year and Jahvid Best could still prove himself as one of the better RBs in the game. I would challenge you to find me 5 other teams in the NFL who can rank so high in so many positions.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Lions are head and shoulders above the Chiefs at this time. It is not a question on if the Lions can win this week, but simply how bad they beat the Chiefs. If the Detroit Lions do not win by 10 points or more, I will not be satisfied with them.

The Detroit Lions are not a slouch team where the fans should just be glad for a victory anymore. They are simply too good for that now. I don't hope for a win, I expect a win! Against a bad team that is hurting, I expect the Lions to hand out a beating and put them away early. I do not mean the Lions can take them lightly, but I am saying the Lions better play good enough to give the Chiefs a beating. Winning by a field goal late in the game would be nearly a failure.

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  1. I love your passion for your team and hope other Lions fans get on that bandwagon. The Lions look to have a very good young team. The key word is young, there is no room for over confidents. I agree with you on the fact that the Lions are a far better team than the Chief's, however they need to follow up a great win against a tough opponent by not showing youth by playing down to a weaker team. When you go into a game over confident bad things happen. One missed block could change a whole season for this team. I see great things for the Lions this season.