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Lions Can Make a Statement in Dallas

The Detroit Lions have been listed as the underdog in Vegas odds today. Dallas Cowboys defensive Coordinator, Rob Ryan as well as ESPN annalist Chris Carter have said that Calvin Johnson is not one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. I have taken part in debates on whether the Detroit Lions are actually one of the best teams in the NFL or if they just had a lucky start playing lesser foes.

Today the Lions can make a statement. If they play as I know they are capable, they will not only come away with a victory, but win by ten or more points. If they do so, their will be no arguing whether the Lions are for real or not. A solid victory in Dallas would serve notice to the rest of the world, the Detroit Lions are for real. No longer the butt of jokes with the likes of Jay Leno, but now a team that no NFL team wants to face.

If Calvin Johnson should catch two touchdowns in today's game, even Chris Carter will have to admit the Lions receiver is a legit and elite receiver. Two TDs today would tie the NFL record for consecutive games with multiple touchdowns by a receiver. That record is currently owned by none other than Chris Carter himself.

A loss today would only add fuel to the fire for the nay-Sayers who have been afraid to face the fact this Lions team is far better than any we have seen in Detroit for a long time. I just don't see this happening.

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