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Reasons why the Detroit Lions can win in 2009

The average fan out there wants to say the Detroit Lions will win 4 games tops in 2009. There are a few who are posting in forums that the Lions will make the playoffs, but their only legitimate reasoning is looking at the Falcons and Dolphins feats. So what are some real reasons why the Lions can win?

Before I continue, I want to remind you that I myself believe they are in for a 4 to 6 win season. But trying this time to see the team through an optimistic view, I will explain how it is possible they could win 8 or 9 games this season.

Five times in 2008, the Lions actually held the lead at one point in the 4th quarter of games. Believe it or not, there were 8 different games in which the Lions were within one score of taking the lead during the 4th quarter. Eight games in which decent play in the fourth quarter could have given them the win. Anyone who knows football knows that one score between two teams is not the greatest of differences.

The Lions come into the 2009 season with a nearly complete overhaul of the defense. Adding Peterson and Foote gives them one of the best linebacker crews in the NFL. Two veteran cornerbacks will be an improvement over last years players. The addition of Grady Jackson will help them immensely, at least on running plays. In 2008 teams moved the ball on the Detroit Lions at will. It will be a different scenario in 2009.

Many fans would want me to list Matthew Stafford on offense but I wont. At this time, I do not see the Lions using him right away and maybe not for the season. I very well may be wrong but until he trots out on the field, I will stick with my belief. This point goes to, believe it or not, the offensive line. I have been hard on them and rightly so this off-season. Actually I have been hard on the )-line since 1992 but that is a different story. 150 sacks they have allowed in the last three seasons. Never have they given us confidence they could push the line of scrimmage on short yardage plays. So why do I lift them as a reason the Lions can win this season? First there is Gosder Cherilus. As the season suffered on in 2008, Gosder actually improved. With another off-season behind him, I am expecting him to be a good lineman. The other reason is the new coaching staff. They have emphasized training for strength in the off-season. Improved strength might actually give them the ability to move the line once in a while when they need it.

In aquiring WR- Northcutt and drafting WR- Williams the Lions have shown they are looking to improve the return game. The Detroit Lions punt and kick-off returners have been horrible in the past few years. If they can improve that they will put themselves in a much better place to win games.

The Lions have some star worthy veterans who signed on for less money than they could have gotten elsewhere. Why? Because they wanted to be a part of turning the Lions around. They have players who WANT to be there. This will create a much better locker room atmosphere.

Five reason the Detroit Lions can turn it around in 2009. There is not one particular reason that makes them a winning team, but if you add these five reasons together, it makes one believe that yes, it is possible for them to win this season. Time will tell.

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