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Lions Lose to Giants in Week-5

It looked like it would be another exciting weekend for Detroit Lions fans when in the first drive for New York, the Giants got one first down before Kyle Vanden Bosch sacked Eli Manning. Two plays later the Giants punter mishandled the snap and fumbled the ball. Lawrence Jackson recovered at the Giants 43 yard line.Nine plays and 4 minutes later, Shaun Hill threw a 14 yard touchdown to Nate Burleson.

Then it was mostly down hill from there.

The Giants went on to score the next two touchdowns before the Lions gt another field goal. Then the Giants scored another touchdown to go up 21-10. With 1:20 left in the first half, Shaun Hill was hit low and as he fell forward he landed on his left hand, breaking his arm.

In came Drew Stanton, the Lions 3rd string quarterback. Stanton did a serviceable job, throwing for 222 yards while completing 55.9% of his pass attempts. He had 1 touchdown and 1 interception.

In the end however, the Giants ended up beating the Lions by a score of 28-20, but it was more the Lions beating themselves than the Giants playing so well.

The Lions, who already lead the league with penalties, added 11 more to their total while the Giants only committed 2. Many of the penalties were at crucial moments, giving the Giants a 1st down when it looked like the Lions had stopped them on a 3rd down. Other penalties were plain idiotic, like Cliff Avril losing his head and starting fights.

Offensive Coordinator, Scott Linehan can take some blame as well as he once again fell into his unimaginative play calling. Other than on 3rd and long downs, I do not think Shaun Hill even attempted a pass more than five yards down field. When all of the plays are short, it serves only to bring the defense in tight, then everyone wonders why Jahvid Best has no room to run the ball. Best, by the way, had a total of 16 yards on 12 carries. I lay that at the feet of Linehan for not opening up the offense and forcing the defense to back off a little.

Yet again, in the end, the Lions still had a chance to win.

With all of the penalties, and the lousy play calling, in a game when it seemed the Lions should have been blown out, they were driving in the last minute in an effort to score a touchdown and a two point conversion to send it into overtime. With 7 seconds left, on the Giants 38 yard line, Stanton had Brandon Pettigrew speeding up the middle in a post route. The ball was thrown a little high, but it was definitely catchable, but rather than hauling it in for a reception and a possible touchdown, it went through Pettigrew's hands, only to be picked off by Antrel Rolle to end the game.

Another disheartening loss in a winnable game.

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