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Lions vs Packers Pregame Week-4

Though the Packers lost to the Bears last week. A team the Lions actually beat if the real rules were followed. That is the only comparison to be found on why the Lions should beat the Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay is one of the best teams in the NFC if not the NFL. Rodgers is one of the best for getting rid of the ball fast while under pressure. To beat him, you need to get to him real fast and have his receivers as well as his tight end covered until you get to him. This would take the mam-to-man, bump and run defense and a lot of blitzing. The Lions are not known for any of that.

To beat there defense, the Lions would have to take shots down field to stretch the defense. This is another thing the Lions are not doing.

With the way Linehan is calling plays, Schwartz is being conservative, Stafford still out and Best not at full health, the Lions chances of beating the Packers are about as good as the odds of getting me to eat broccoli.

Packers 37 - Lions 13

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