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Myth: Lions Need to Learn How to Win

The Detroit Lions are a team that needs to learn how to win. I have heard that so many times it makes my ears hurt. The truth is, that is a myth and an excuse. One the Detroit Lions should not be relying on.

The fact is, there is no such thing as "Learning How to Win". You know how to win? Play good and don't let up. The Lions don't need to learn how to win. They need to learn how to play smart! They need to learn how to keep their focus. They need to stop making excuses. They do those things and the winning will come.

The stupid penalty by Cliff Avril Sunday afternoon was due to lack of intelligence and focus. He retaliated! That is neither smart nor keeping focus. The false starts are a lack of focus. They know the snap count. There is no excuse for jumping before that ball is snapped. Off sides penalties can be tolerated to some degree because the defensive line needs to attack and sometimes they need to time the snap to get an advantage. But on 3rd down they need to keep their focus and not jump until the ball is snapped.

The interception on Stanton was due to a lack of focus on Brandon Pettigrew. Yes the ball was a little high, but it was easily catchable. His arms were not even fully extended and it hit him, not in the hands, but in the wrists. His focus was not fully on catching the ball. There is no doubt in my mind that Pettigrew has the athleticism and the hand eye coordination to catch any ball within his reach. Yet he drops them so often it can be nothing more than either bad vision or lack of concentration. This same problem goes for Scheffler, Bryant Johnson and any other receiver who cant seem to hold onto the passes that are good thrown balls.

If the Detroit Lions can learn to keep their focus on what they are supposed to do, they will drastically cut down on their penalties. They will drop fewer passes. They will not retaliate and draw major penalties. Can anyone say that they would not win games if they did those things?

It is not about having to learn to win. It is about keeping your focus and playing smart. Needing to learn how to win is nothing more than an excuse to ease the ire of the fans.

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