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Lions vs Rams Pregame Week-5

They were labeled the worst in the league before the season started. After a couple wins the Rams have shown they are better than most thought. After coming just a little short of winning three of their games, the last being the Packers, the Lions have shown they can compete with even the good teams. Now the Rams and Lions will face off and see who is the better team.

If not for bad play calling, Hill having to come in with little practice time with the first unit and a bad call in the last minute, the Lions would have beaten the Bears. With better play calling, or if the refs would have called the push-off against Philadelphia on one of their touchdowns, the Lions would have beaten the Eagles. If not for a no-call on a pass interference, the Lions could have beaten the Packers. I am not blaming the losses on those things right now, but just pointing out how close the lowly Detroit Lions are to being 3-1. Yet even if they were 3-1, the Rams would be no push over this week.

The Rams have won their games with defense more than anything. If the Lions open their playbook and play like they did against the Packers and not the three previous games, they have the talent to beat the Rams defense. The Rams do not have a cornerback who can match up to Calvin Johnson and the Speed of Jahvid Best will give them fits. Yet even if the Rams focus on those two, they still have two strong pass catching tight ends and Nate Burleson to worry about this week.

The Lions biggest problem is giving up the big plays. However well he has improved, Bradford is still a rookie and will make mistakes if the Lions put enough pressure on him. With the Wrecking Crew the Lions have up front, they have the ability to put a rush on Bradford that he has not seen the likes of yet in the NFL. However, while going after Bradford, the Lions absolutely must keep close tabs on Steven Jackson.

After coming so close to winning three of their four games, this should be the week the Lions bust through that barrier and get their first win. If the Lions do not win this week, they are in for a very very long season indeed. They cannot afford another loss. Especially against a team they should beat.

Detroit Lions 24
St.Louis Rams 13

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