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Lions 24 - Bears 13

The Detroit Lions are 5-0. How does that sound to you? Let's say it again and just savor the moment. Five - and - oh! A record we have not heard associated with the Lions since 1956.

Here were the Lions on Monday Night Football and what did they show to the world? A Matthew Stafford bomb dropping over the left shoulder of Calvin Johnson as he split two defenders, shoved one of them off of his leg and ran into the endzone for a 73 yard touchdown.

What did the Lions give the world for an encore? How does Jahvid Best running between the tackles in a hole the size Emmitt Smith used to run through and going 88 yards untouched for another touchdown, sound?

How about the 18 yard touchdown to Brandon Pettigrew? More of a defensive type?

How about the Lions sacking Cutler 3 times in the midst of constantly pressure him, chasing him out of the pocket and hurrying his throws.

The night was not all glamor though. Once again the Lions were off of their game in the first half. Other than the long touchdown to Calvin Johnson, the Lions offense had a hard time moving the ball in the first half. Once again they went into the half time break losing. Though being behind 10-7 is nowhere near as disturbing as past weeks.

The defense did a superb job in the first half though. While the offense could not hardly move the ball and left Chicago's offense on the field for almost 21 of the 30 minutes, the Lions defense only gave up one touchdown and a field goal. But the magical moment for the defense to show what they were made of on national TV, came at the end of the first quarter. The Bears had the ball on 3rd & 1 at the Lions 26 yard line. The Lions stopped Forte dead in his tracks and made it 4th & 1. One would think that after the Lions have already stopped 4th & 1 runs a few times in previous games, the Bears would know better than to try to run on them. Wrong! The Bears ran it again an were stopped in their tracks... again!

Then the second half came and the Detroit Lions defensive line really went to work. They were all over the Bears and constantly in Cutler's face. The Lions defense was a beast to recon with as they only allowed one field goal in the second half of the game.

Even with the big pass by Stafford. Even after the long catch by Calvin Johnson. Even considering the 163 yards on only 12 carries by Jahvid Best, the Monday Night game ball would have to go to the fans.

The Detroit fans put on a show of their on in their first Monday Night game in ten years. Ford Field was absolutely rockin' with the decibels of noise the fans created. In my life I do not remember a football game when the fans were so loud. Yet that is only a part of the reason I would give the fans the game ball. The other reason? Class! As excited as the fans were. As crazy as the crowds grew. With enough adrenalin pumping to fuel the space shuttle to the moon, I have yet to hear of any real problems. No brawls, turned over cars, or anything the like. On national TV, with the entire NFL audience watching, the Detroit Lions fans showed outstanding class. My hat is off to you people. It makes me even that much more proud to be a Detroit Lions fan this year.

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  1. Great win by the Lions, I posted a blog on them check it out. We'll see you guys on thanksgiving.