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Lions 34 - Cowboys 30

The Detroit Lions have done it again. After trailing 27-3 with 12:23 left in the 3rd quarter, the Lions came back and beat the Dallas Cowboys 34-30. And this time they did not even need overtime to do it.

In the first half, the Lions were dismal. They could not move the ball on offense and the defense could not even seem to slow the Cowboys down. When Dallas started the second half with a touchdown to spread the lead to 24 points, the window of opportunity was closing fast. Then it was like someone turned on a light switch for the Lions.

Bobby Carpenter, filling in at the outside Linebacker position for the injured Durant, stepped in front of a Tony Romo pass and took it 34 yards for a defensive touchdown against his former team. Seven plays later, Chris Houston cut in front of a receiver and picked off Tony Romo, then ran it back for 56 yards and another touchdown and made it a 10 point game. With 37 second left in the 3rd quarter, the Cowboys kicked a field goal and it was all Lions after that.

With the defense stepping up and making big plays, the offense decided it was their turn. Matthew Stafford capped off an 80 yard drive with a 23 yard touchdown strike to Calvin Johnson. With less than 5 minutes to go, Jason Hanson kicked a 51 yard field goal to put the Lions only 3 points down. Then they did it again. With only 1:39 left on the clock, Stafford hit Calvin Johnson for a 2 yard touchdown pass and gave the Lions a 34-30 victory.

It was Megatron's 2nd touchdown of the game and tied the NFL record for most consecutive games by a receiver with multiple touchdowns at four. The only other receiver to ever catch two or more touchdowns in four straight games was Chris Carter (now an ESPN annalist), who recently has stuck to his word that Calvin Johnson is not an elite receiver. Just for the record, Calvin Johnson is now the only receiver to ever catch 2 or more TDs in four straight games to start a season.

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  1. Wow! What the hell is going on in Detroit? What a win, yes they are for real.