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Lions vs Bears Pre-Game

The Detroit Lions are playing on Monday Night Football as they host the Chicago Bears. To give some perception as to how long it has been since they were on Monday night? The last time, we did not have Blue tooth Wireless Headsets, the I-phone, or YouTube.

Only once this year have the Lions not fallen behind in the first quarter. That was the 2nd week when they pummelled Kansas City 48-3. The last two weeks they have fallen behind by at least 20 points before coming back to win the games. It is important this week that the Lions show they are not just a second half team. On National TV, they need to come out and score quick and often and never look back. Show the world that will be watching just how good they really are.

The biggest key to watch on defense will be the play of the cornerbacks. If they play 8 yards off of the wide receivers as they did in the first three quarters in Dallas, Cutler will simply make quick passes to open receivers, never allowing the Detroit defensive line to get close to him. Just like in Dallas. If they play tight coverage and force Cutler to hold onto the ball and wait for a receiver to get open, he will be feeling a lot of heat from Ndamukong Suh and the Wrecking Crew.

On offense the Lions need to finally forget about the draw play. There offensive line simply is not powerful enough to open holes long enough for the draw play to work. Give the ball to Best on the move and let him hit the creases in stride, or pitch it to the outside for him to beat the defense to the corner.

Another offensive key will be the play of Jeff Backus. He has gotten a ridiculous amount of heat for having one really bad series on the year so far. He has only allowed a sack in one game though he has faced three of the best defensive ends in the NFL. This week he will be facing Julius Peppers, who was responsible for knocking Stafford out for six weeks last year. Make no bones about it. Peppers is likely going to get a hit or two on Stafford. There is no defensive tackle in the NFL who can be counted on to shut him down completely. If Backus can control him long enough that he only gets a couple hits on Stafford and neither is for a sack? That is a very successful day against Peppers.

The Bears are not as good as they are given credit for. They only have one great player on offense in Matt Forte. If the Lions can shut him down and put any pressure on Cutler, the Bears will not be doing much scoring. Their defense is still good but not great and the only other real scoring threat is Devin Hester. So long as the Lions do not attempt to kick off to him, they should be fine.


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  1. As hard as it might sound coming from a Packer fan, I want Detroit to kick the snots out of the Bears. See you guys thanksgiving.