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Detroit Lions Quarterbacks

Who will be the Detroit Lions starting quarterback? Will it be Matthew Stafford, the first overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft? Might it be the veteran Daunte Culpepper who is finally healthy after the major reconstructive knee surgery in 2005? Could it be Drew Stanton, the 2nd round pick in the 2007 draft? Okay, we all know it wont be Stanton, but which of the other two will start the season under center?
Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford
Matthew Stafford was the first overall pick and is being paid an ungodly amount. If he could handle it, I am sure the Lions would want it to be him. However, what one wants is not always the best thing. Do not confuse Stafford with the 2008 rookies Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco. Many fans seem to believe that since those two quarterbacks had big years as rookies, that Stafford can too. The difference is that both, Ryan and Flacco had good offensive lines to protect them and good running games for defenses to worry about. The Detroit Lions are not considered to have either of those to offer Stafford. Make no qualms about it, opposing defenses will not respect Detroit's running game. They will sell out, blitzing often to pressure a rookie quarterback into making mistakes.
Detroit Lions quarterback Daunte Culpepper
Daunte Culpepper is the early favorite and has a resume of four seasons with 3400 plus yards passing. One of which he threw for 4717 yards and 39 TD's. Yet, one cannot get their hopes up too high with Culpepper as the Detroit Lions starting quarterback. He has not had a good season since 2005 when he went down with the knee injury and he has a reputation of fumbling the football for too often. In his career, he has fumbled the football 94 times, 38 which were covered by the other team. the rumors were always that for being such a big guy, Daunte Culpepper has very small hands.

My early opinion is, barring injury, to expect Daunte Culpepper as the starting quarterback when the season starts. The Lions have retooled their offensive line to a degree, but nobody believes they have really upgraded the line. The Lions will want to sit Stafford the first season if possible, add more strength to their line in the next off-season and draft then start their future star quarterback. I also expect that once Culpepper fumbles a few too many times, takes a few too many sacks and starts playing horrible, the fans will cry for Stafford. By mid-season, the Lions front office will give in and play Stafford. If I am right, then we can only pray that Stafford keeps his poise long enough to finish the season without becoming gun shy.

If the Detroit Lions offensive line is not any better than it was last year, and they play Stafford.... it will be the beginning of Joey Harrington all over again. A first round QB with only average accuracy who shows promise in his rookie season and ends up ruined by the Lions poor offensive line play.

Correction: I orignially had Joe Flacco's name as Joe Stacco. I have no idea where that came from and make no excuses. Sorry.

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