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Detroit Lions Running Backs

Detroit Lions Running Back Kevin Smith
Let's face it. When it comes to the Detroit Lions Running Backs, their is only one name truly worth mentioning. The Lions acquired Maurice Morris in the off-season, but be clear about it. Morris is in no way shape or form considered a starting Running Back. That job will fall to Kevin Smith and Kevin Smith alone. The only place Morris has a chance to out play Smith is in short yardage. If he does that, he will get most of the goal line carries. I doubt that will happen though.

Kevin Smith is a good Running Back, but he is not great. In his rookie season, he showed flashes of vision and talent to make the first man miss him. Smith has enough speed to get to the outside, a trait the Lions running backs have lacked for some time. Where Kevin Smith falls short though, is his seeming to lack the extra gear.

All too often in 2008, Kevin Smith broke into the open field only to be chased down. His longest run of the season came in week 6 in Minnesota when he sprinted away for a 50 yard scamper. It was not a touchdown. Other than that, in his 238 carries, his longest run was 32 yards.

I like Kevin Smith. I really do. However, if I am to be honest with myself, I have to believe that so long as he is the Lions main running threat, opposing defenses will not respect the Lions running game. Defenses are not afraid of a running back who does not have break away speed that can add a quick score. Unless Kevin Smith develops that extra gear once he hits the open field, the Detroit Lions running game will continue to fall short.

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