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NEWS - 06/28/2009 -- Detroit Lions trade a Safety for Another Receiver?

The Lions traded Safety Gerald Alexander to the Jacksonville Jaguars for veteran receiver Dennis Northcutt. Martin Mayhew has made a passel of good moves so far but at this time I cant say I feel this is one of them.

The Detroit Lions already had thirteen receivers on their roster. Northcutt is in the twilight of his career. Though he used to be a punt returner, he only returned a few punts for the Jaguars in 2008. This says to me that he is not as good as he once might have been, otherwise why wouldn't the Jags have still used him to return punts?

Trading Gerald Alexander away doesn't make any sense either. He has only played for two seasons. As a rookie he started most of the games and played admirably. In 2008 he was hampered by injuries. If he is healthy, it does not make sense why the Lions would trade a young safety, of which they only have five, for a fourteenth receiver.


  1. Could be a good trade. Northcutt is good with short passes which could help Stafford. Good YAC numbers.

  2. I recently saw that it was a pretty good neck injury that had sidelined Alexander last year. Maybe the Lions see that has affected him in some way as well. Only time will tell. Let us hope it is a good trade. But I still dont believe they will put Stafford out there.