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Detroit Lions Receivers

Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson is possibly the only player on the Detroit Lions who is truly untouchable. As good as many fans believe Stafford will be, if another team offered 2 first round picks for him, I would take it. Until he has proven himself, he is still only worth a 1st round pick. Calvin Johnson has proven himself. He has shown he can play in the NFL and play extremely well. I do not know if there is any trade offer worth giving him up.

Not only is Calvin Johnson a proven star now, he could possibly become the best receiver in the NFL. What about Larry Fitzgerald you say? Fitzgerald has had Anquan Boldin playing opposite him, making it very difficult for opposing defenses to double team him. Randy Moss has had Welker. Who has Calvin Johnson had? The best receiver Johnson has had play opposite him is Roy Williams and his bad attitude.

In 2008, Calvin Johnson had a modest 78 catches. He also had the fifth most receiving yards in the NFL (only 100 yards behind Fitzgerald), and was tied with Fitzgerald for the most touchdowns by a receiver with 12.

In the 2009 draft, the Detroit Lions added TE Brandon Pettigrew who is known for his receiving skills. If Pettigrew proves to be a decent receiving threat, he will force the opposing defenses to worry about the middle a little more and not always double Calvin Johnson up.

Still, as great as Calvin Johnson could be, he is only one receiver. In the off season, the Lions brought in Bryant Johnson who has some upside and down side to him. The good is that he does have talent. Bryant was drafted 17th overall in 2003 so he is no slouch in talent. However he has never had more than 49 receptions or 740 yards. This could be attributed to the fact he played in Arizona and has had Fitzgerald and Boldin in front of him. But in 2008, Bryant Johnson played in San Fransisco and still only had 45 catches for 546 yards.

Bryant Johnson is a big receiver, standing 6'3" and 211 lbs, so if Calvin Johnson is doubled up, this will leave Bryant with one on one coverage where his size may be an advantage. Calvin Johnson's 6'5" 235-lbs frame is always an advantage.

Expect Calvin Johnson's numbers to repeat what he did in 2008 and if Bryant Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew prove themselves, Calvin's numbers will rise.

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