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Lions Defense Exciting Again

I remember the old days with the Lions defense. My old days anyways. When they had Mike Cofer at outside linebacker. He was a missile going after the quarterback. Soon after came the best linebacker to ever put on a Lions uniform, #54, Chris Spielman.

Spielman used to excite me to watch him. They thought he would be too slow and undersized to play middle linebacker, but he had a nose for the ball and a toughness that could look any player eye to eye. Later in his career, he had a hole in his forehead that never seemed to heal up. Mid way threw ever game it seemed he had a spot of blood on his forehead with a trickle running down. Then he tore a peck muscle and could not use one arm very well. He still lead the Lions in tackles with the use of only one good arm. In my mind, when he left to Buffalo, he took the excitement in Lions defense with him.

It has been a long time since the defense has excited me, but it does now. The Detroit Defensive line is arguably, and in my mind "absolutely", the scariest in the NFL. On every play you lean forward, hoping to see another sack, or a tackle for a loss. Corey Williams is back in his element as a 4-3 defensive tackle and he has been outstanding to the point that he has forced offensive lines to double team him rather than the rookie Ndamukong Suh. .... And we all know about Suh! In 7 games he has 27 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 2 passes defended, an interception and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Which by the way is on track to be the best rookie season ever for a defensive tackle in the NFL.

Then you have the wrecking ball, Kyle Vanden Bosch, who once he gets going, seems impossible to stop and keeps doing damage until the play is over. Not only is he a good defensive end, but he just doesn't stop pounding. He never slows or takes a play off. Then on the other side you have Cliff Avril who has stepped it up this year to be a very good defensive end in his own right.

This wrecking crew has been terrorizing opposing quarterbacks this year and as they become better known, other quarterbacks will be worrying about them even when they do not make a play.

With the improved defensive line play, the cornerbacks have been able to step up and start making plays. Alfonso Smith looks like a legitimate top cornerback right now and is tied for third in the NFL with 4 interceptions.

The defense has been so improved this year that second year safety, Louis Delmas has not looked outstanding because he has not had near the opportunity to make plays this year.

It has been the most exciting season to watch defense on the Lions in over a dozen years, and I look forward to every game now. Not just for the offensive plays but now I enjoy watching both sides of the ball.

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