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Lions Lose to Jets 23 to 20

After what was an exciting game by the Detroit Lions, it was the coaches who blew the game in the end.

With only 4:26 left to go in the game, the Lions were up on the New York Jets, 20 to 10. Being two scores up, the Lions only had to stop the Jets from getting as many points as they had gotten the previous three and a half quarters. Common sense would say to just keep doing what you have been doing right? The Lions coaches do not abide by common sense logic. They abide by Lions logic. They went into the prevent defense and allowed the Jets to drive down field and score a touchdown.

With 2:37 left in the game, the Lions only had to waste as much time as possible to gain a win. After two runs by Best, it was 3rd and 6 and still two minutes left. The Jets were out of timeouts and all the Lions had to do was run another play, let the clock run down then punt and the win was almost a sure thing. Common sense right? Not according to Lions logic. The Lions elected to pass the ball and it fell incomplete, stopping the clock. The ensuing punt gave the ball to the Jets with 1:40 still on the clock. Now if that isn't bad enough, consider this fact. Stafford was hurt again and the Lions had Stanton under center attempting his first pass of the game. All they had to do was run the ball and waste time, but they decide to let their third string quarterback attempt a pass against a very good defense.

So with 1:40 left in the game, the Lions have to stop the Jets from getting a field goal. The prevent defense just gave up a drive for a touchdown the previous drive. Common sense says don't use it right? Not by Lion logic it doesn't. The Lions went into prevent again and gave up a game tying field goal.

During that last drive, the Jets used the no huddle offense and it was obvious the Lions D-line was exhausted. Through out the entire game the D-line did not penetrate the Jets offensive line a lot and now they were absolutely gassed. So when the Jets got the ball first in overtime, common sense says to throw some blitzing in there to hurry Sanchez because our tired defensive line is not going to get to him. Not by Lions logic. The Lions rushed four men and gave Sanchez all the time in the world. They drove down field, helped by a 15 yard personal foul penalty by Julius Peterson, kicked a field goal and beat the Lions 23 to 20.

With the win in hand, the Lions coaches began to make decisions that defied logic to lose the game. But then, they don't use common sense logic. They use Lions logic.

As for Matthew Stafford, he was injured after falling on his right shoulder again. He was showing problems with it throughout the game and late in the 4th quarter, he was tripped and fell on it again and immediately ran off the field. There is no word yet on how severe the injury is.

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