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Lions On Four Game Losing Streak

Nobody truly expected the Detroit Lions to beat the New England Patriots. There was not a lot of expectations of them even keeping it close. Yet after three quarters of play, the game was tied up at 24-24 before the Lions once again imploded. The Patriots scored three unanswered touchdowns in the fourth quarter and beat the Lions 45 - 24.

I will not use this article to rip into any one faction of the Lions because I have yet to go back and watch the game over. However, I will make a point that only a few are making today. The Lions showed they truly can play with the best in the league when they are playing right. The problem is that the Lions need everyone playing right for them to have a good game. On truly good teams, if one or two players have a bad day, the others around them can make up for it. The Lions don't have this advantage. On defense, one player, Alfonso Smith, had his first bad game and the Lions did not have anyone to save him. So Tom Brady and company simply picked on him.

In the fourth quarter, when Shaun Hill began really missing bad, well... is there ever anyone to save a quarterback when he is off?

The Lions have a team that can play well against any team in the NFL, for about two or three quarters. There is always one quarter however when they fall apart and that is a big reason for their 2-9 record.

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